Things Will Get Better - Poem Letter

Dear 13-year-old Juliana,

Things will get better.

Slowly but surely, you will discover that you have anxiety,

Which explains why you are the way you are.

And why a simple phone call, interview, or even a quiz can lead to a panic attack.


Things will get better.

Move forward and don’t reminisce on the bad. It will all be okay.

Those friends you cling to now, will eventually escape from the grasps of your life,

They will leave without saying goodbye.


Things will get better.

Those old friends will create room for better friends.

Friends who encourage you, love you, and truly believe in your capabilities.

These new friends will love you the way you are and won’t leave.


Things will get better.

Your parents are still together.

At times, it seems like it might not last.

But they’re stuck together.


Things will get better.

A year from now, you will come home to mom being hospitalized.

You will then find out she has a brain tumor.

Don’t worry, because things will get better.

She is still okay.


Things will get better.

Even though you are not thinking about college right now.

You are currently finishing up your junior year at NYU.

On basically a full scholarship.

It will shock everyone because they underestimated you.


Things will get better.

You found your passion: Criminal Justice Reform.

You interned at the Department of Justice

And at the NYC Department of Correction.


Things will get better.

Although, there are times when your mind gets the best of you,

You are more than capable of accomplishing anything you desire.


Things will get better.

Your family got their citizenships, and are no longer perceived as solely immigrants.

They finally visited Brazil after almost 20 years.

Tears were shed, hearts were mended, and new memories were created.


Things will get better.

You will fall in love.

Even though you swore it was all a scam.

A lie.


However, it’s real. It is the most wonderful thing in your life.


You both plan a future together.

Your family is okay.

Your career seems to blossom.

You are almost done with college.

Things seem to be getting better.



Future You.  

This poem is about: 
My family


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