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I used to be deranged and I know this is strange,my life got rearranged,from the inside I got changed,suddenly sucess is in my range.<br></br>I'm 25 years old, yet I feel like an infantI'm known for metaphores, and this song will be no different.happy life, I don't know why, always seemed distant,happiness was something that for me was inexistant,it's like everywhere I went, I was resistant,but I never gave up, I'm known for being persistent,I put alot of thoughts in this song, It didn't come in an instant. But I didn't want to be bored,I wanted to be adored,because until now I was abhored.I wanted to abort this,I wanted to end the war,within myself, I couldn't take it anymore,All I was seeing were pain and gore,and I guess it hurt my core,because I was always ignored,I played the game, and I never scored,I never got a positive report, <br /> I was always blamed at the court,No place was good enough to build a fort,I got the feeling of being distort,I was always that "special" sort.I thought I was high, but I was below the floor,and all that time my heart was getting sore,I was weak and scared, it's all I deplore. My soul was black, my mind was blue,I never found a way to get through,this neverending wall so I could see you,my head was getting screwed,I was thinking about something, I wanted heart to feel same too,Every chance that I got, I blew,it, and I didn't know WHO,I was, until some arguments I threw,and then everybody knew,what I am and what I do. Except for me, I couldn't find out,my past heh...listen bout. I look like chicken with cut off head running about,I feel like a man, I act like a boy scout,I'm so sad,I scream, I shout,nobody is coming to answer to my call-out,Where is everybody? Come out,Keep shouting I say to myself, don't cop out,if you shout long enough, someone will pop out.And the weirdest thing is I'm standing in the middle of crowd. The noises were missing, where is the sound?Where are all the people that were standing around,Nobody sees me, yet environment is abound,so this is what they call "falling on reality ground"it didn't feel that way, because of all the tears I almost drownedif they don't hear me I'll pound. And then I started thinking,why am I the only one who is sinking. Is something wrong with me?I think it was, because my father hit me. That's when it appears, the power to write,to pour my feelings on paper and do it right. It felt alot better, I got rid of sweater,my way is the letter,so happiness...I'll get her. As you can hear, we're very near,the end....but no fear. I never got to tell you, how that story ended,how I was surrounded but everyone pretended,that I wasn't there, it's because I offended. Most of them, with the way I acted,but I didn't figure it out, because I was distracted. Behind my back, family fell apart,and I didn't want to look back, because it would break my heart,because of my fears, I choose not to be part,of the real life,I know now, that it wasn't very smart,because facing the problems, that is an art. And now I know, what it means to exist,life itself is dry, but environment is grease,sucess is in my range, and I don't plan to miss,If words won't help, I'll use my fist,and if I can't do that, I'll kiss,love is big part of life, you should know this. Stop wasting your time on repentances,so to all depressed people combine the first sentences. We cannot change the past,We are not the same people this year as last. We can not change the fact that people act in a certain way. The best thing you can do is live as if this was your last day. We can not change the inevitable.But you must know that good life is not inheritable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have,with this you are magician if you consider it a staff and that is our attitude.

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