Behind Old Eyes

Behind old eyes I see

A boy, once young and free

Whose laughter rang

Who danced and sang

Who smiled back as me


Behind old ears I hear

The sounds of passing years

And yet somehow

They're different now

But to my heart they're dear


Behind old hands I sweat

I work to not forget

And with a sigh

I say goodbye

To last year in regret


Behind old voice I shout

For time to let me out

To travel back

And fix my lack

To end lethargic doubt


Behind old faults I last

To form again the past

To take the chance

And to enhance

So futures become vast


Behind old thoughts I dwell

Send laziness to hell

To quell assurities

Of immaturities

And make my future well


But now I understand

The ship of life is manned

And I must steer 

This vessel dear

For I alone command


Behind old eyes I see

A man so young and free

Whose future gleams

Whose smile beams 

Behind these eyes is me


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