Filters are for Fish

Mon, 12/08/2014 - 18:54 -- Rannsel


Some flash exotic colors of Baby Lips

Others puff out with dominance

Strutting, swimming with fish-like slips

Feeding on vague notions of conscience

But I fill my gills with life and drink

Hoping and praying for me and those who sink


Why do guppies in schools call me a disgrace

When I'd rather stay home with a book

than taste Jack as I'm sucking his face?

Why is it bad that I don't care how I look

That I open my eyes and close my mouth

Gulping down water as I try to speak

Watching the birds winter-free, fleeing south?

My mind goes blank as my face lied, or tried

At least my will and my words aren't that weak    ​


As people think, covered in scales to protect

Ourselves from shark-teeth, drowning what we wept

In salty crocodile tears. Seeping into our heart-felt ocean

Making the mascara smear, revealing nude skin

Running down our faces, clearing the lies in slow-motion

When finally all that's left is who we are, we win

Because filters are for fish and we are pure, unadulterated

Sick and tired of putting on a shallow show and-

Never feeling satiated

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