What I want

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 06:07 -- AlayaM


United States
42° 46' 59.9304" N, 83° 36' 48.8052" W

Heaven is a place that can be reached through mind, then in body, therefore transforming your spirit. May I allow my mind to be open to simpler life and every aspect of nature. So I can capture the true meaning of freedom, allowing my mind, body and spirit to be free, just like nature. In nature's movie everything plays an important role. Unlike like humans there is no directors, writers or co-directors every plant grows when it's suppose to and every bird flies with out instruction and everything goes right and flows. Flows peacefully just like the ocean waves, going in no given direction just free and beautiful like I want to be. Free from stress, worried, pressure and sadness. Freedom is heaven, heaven to me. So may nature acquire my mind, body and spirit and take me heaven where I can true be free.


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