Thoughtful, Blunt,
Happy, Unkempt,
Is not afraid. Temper beyond storms.
Smiling,  Numb,
Intelligent, Obsessive,
She really is something else. Tiredness that never sleeps.

  Makes          you             wonder           if             there         Will          ever           be         a       

time      when


  You        will         ever         feel           sad        around        Her


Magical,            Overwhelmed,
Awake,               Insecure,
Suddenly.. And this.. is
Killed. Me.

We call it “social acceptance” when really, society is very particular about who you “should be”
I need to “fit” into society in order to get where I could be.
The only comfort is knowing that many others have also stood here.



left side vs. right side, mask vs. reality

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