I am proud, but I am self conscious 
I am flamboyant, but I am anxious
Uncle of Davion and D’Andre, two unknowing souls
Lover of arts, nature, and free spirited ones
Who feels the pouring rain as it descends so gently on gloomy days
Who feels the vibrations of the acoustic guitar  while strumming to calm country tunes. 
Who feels the creaking steps beneath their feet as they sneak through the front door at 2 am. 
Who needs the reassurance that everything will be fine. 
Who needs the compassion of a friend
Who needs to break free from the life he hides from
Who fears the rejection of loved ones
Who fears death as he lurks nearby. 
Who fears the unknown and wonders of the world's. 
Who gives too much but receives only little
Who gives their hand to help a fallen one
Who gives no care, but fears the things that went unheard. 
Who would like to see the face of their partner as they stand across the aisle 
Who would like to see their nephews one day. 
Who would like to see the face of their loved ones as he comes out. 
Resident of Wisconsin
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