What Exists Beneath

Fri, 08/15/2014 - 17:08 -- ahat99


What exists beneath my curtain

What exists beneath the wall, the shield, the barricade

What extists beneath this bright smile

Beneath this laugh that lights up the world

What exists beneath my  protection

Existing beneath the calm and composed,

Existing beneath the happy and hopeful,

Existing beneath the proud and prodigious,

Existing beneath my only protection from the real world.


What exists beneath isn't smiles.

What exists beneath isn't serenity.

What exists beneath isn't order.

What exists beneath isn't joy or hope.

What exists beneath is not at all what exists on the outside.

It is nowhere near what people think.

What exists beneath is someone who takes refuge from the real world.

This person finds refuge in poetry, it's his escape.

Words to symbolize inexpressible feelings due to fear of judgment.


What exists beneath is a little kid,

Scared to death about what will happen,

Scared of how people will see him,

Scared of what people will think.

What exists beneath is a person

A person who is afraid to show himself,

A person who doesn't want to be insulted,

A person who doesn't want to hurt.

A person who doesn't want to hear

What people have to say when they see someone different,

A person who hates the sound of an insult

Just because I am not normal,

Just because people will judge when they see people who aren't like them,

When they see someone unique.


What exists beneath is a whole new person.

What exists beneath is a small child,

Far too fragile for the real world.

What exists beneath is this very same child,

A child who has set up a strong enough wall,

Strong enough to face the world.

This strong wall too strong to tear down,

Too strong to make a change.

Too stong for me to be me.


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