The Music In Me


When you look at me

All you see

Is short hair

Blue eyes

A gentle smile

Too shy

To show you who I want to be



There’s another me

Blinding lights

Sparkling name

On stage

The words

The notes

The emotion

Flows out of me like a river


Get me behind my guitar

I fly

It’s my world

My soul

My heart

My mind


When I sing

I can finally speak

And feel like

Someone is listening to me

I’m no longer shy

My smile flashes lights

And when you look at me

Something new has come alive


At the surface

All you see are the blue eyes

But dig a little deeper

And you’ll see a life

Ready to fly

This poem is about: 


Reagan Shirk

I've always labeled myself as a musician. It's who I am; I'm very proud of what I do and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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