Why write something down?


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Why write something down
When it’s simplier to say it, speak it, shout it, tell the world?
Why write something down
When it can be erased, burned away, tarnished, or torn to shreds?
Why write something down, at all?

We, the people, the writers in this world, aren’t always so lucky
We can’t speak, the way many others can
We don’t articulate the words in our minds to our mouths
Words we wish we had the courage to speak to the ones we love the most
Why should we utter words we can barely speak to ourselves?

Why write something down?

I write because that’s what I do
I write because it’s my voice, the voice I control and decide upon myself
I write because it gives me the freedom most people wish they had
It opens me up, takes a piece of me, and lets others see what’s inside
I write because I’m a writer, and it’s what I do.

It couldn’t be easier, to see who we are through what we write.
Words can be forgotten, just as easy as our writing.
I’d like to believe that written words last longer
We get tongue-tied or confused by conversations.
It’s easier to erase our words on paper, rather than take back a sentence already said.

Intellectual beings become more self-aware when they realize who they are can be in the words right in in front of them.

Why write something down?
It’s an easier question answered than asked.


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