No Sepia, Valencia, or Black and White


I use plenty of filters on my selfies,
although my mouth could use a few itself
I'm the type that talks too much,
swears too much,
complains too much
I can be an over-exaggerator,
a bit contradictory, or maybe a lot
Underneath my filters, 
sifted through all the bad, 
hides the good
My heart thinks lavish, 
my head thinks modest
I look strong,
I am weak
I cry not enough
and castigate more than enough
Often times I am insufficient in confidence,
yet I am exceedingly stressed
Easily impressed,
doubtingly impressive
Devotional, yes
Committing, NO
Je sais Francais,
mais je jamais utilisé ça
A filter does not shield who I am,
A filter aids me to censor my bad
Me without a filter is not me,
for I am who I make myself out to be
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