Root Words Within Me

Who inspired me to write?

Was it Edgar Allen Poe?

It was a man whose writings have lived on since many years ago

Verse, Prose, Iambic pentameter

Shakespeare was the best poet of his time and after his time

Line after line after line after line

Allowing the words of his plays to caress my mind

He wrote with such eloquence

Inspiring the youth of today, inspiring people to think of beautiful ways to say

                                                            I love you


Has transformed me into someone who is not afraid to speak their mind

People always say rude things sound better when they are sung, but right now I have you wrapped around the tip of my tongue by my flow

Of words that rhyme, or they may not

But they are words that come straight from my heart, mind, body and soul

Fingers bend and join the keyboard as one as I type, hit enter and send

Ok this rhyming has to end, ok now I’m done

But I’ll never be done with the expression of showing my true colors

Not being splattered across walls, but through the led scribbles on white lines

Not yelling “Here me, here me, here me” three times

Trying to get the attention of people to listen to

One little Ol’ me with a pencil

Naturally gravitate towards my message, so I know you’re really listening

Get caught in the orbit of syllables

I have finally found a way to let my caged bird sing

Do you hear the song?


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