I Choose

I pity the fools who tried to rob me of my innocence,

Of my hope for a society -

For a world - 

Where I'm not judged by the color of my skin or the mysterious voices I look to for guidance;

By the color-filled, spice-scented home of green fields, white waters, and saffron hearts that gave life to my name;

Where I do not hear channel after channel,

Story after story,

About how more beautiful angels have had their wings ripped out

Because of the identity they had been blessed with.

I pity those fools who tainted my view of love;

Who made me believe I wasn't good enough;

Who dragged their prejudice-dipped nails down my soul until every bit of beauty,

Every remnant of romance to the world,

Was shredded into scraps that could float away with the next poison dart that blew past - 

Until I was numb.

I pity the fools because I am still here

And I choose to dream.

I choose to love any and all angels - 

Broken, tattered, and whole -

Who come my way.

I choose to smile all day, every day

Because I know,

Deep in my heart - broken as it may be -

That I am okay

And that each step becomes easier with every minute, hour, and day.

I pity the fools because I'm alive with the energy and strength that has fed the world for eons.

And I will keep living,

Keep walking,

Finding those pieces that blew away all those years ago.


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