Dear Younger Me...

Dear Younger Me

Life will not be easy

Be Prepared

Be ready


You’ll go through it all.

From death, to depression

You’ll feel like your heart’s condition doesn’t ring a bell in the human ear.

That you’re feelings aren’t really there


I won’t lie and say they will understand.

Who would?

When you are confused and bewildered as to why you’re doing this?

Scarring your untainted innocence

Shedding tears of red through places where tears were never meant to form


I’m not going to warn you of people who will kill your innocence and hope for the world.

I’m not going to tell you who is going to abandon you at a moment’s notice

or who will bail out the second you aren’t who they want you to be.


You’re going to have to travel through mountains and cliffs of life

You will have to journey through confusion and angst.


Just hold on to that one stand of hope keeping you together,

And everything will be amazing.

Your hope for those around you, and for your future will skyrocket to the heavens

your confidence and self worth that had hit rock bottom a long time ago will jump out of that godforsaken well.

You will rise above those who pushed you down instead of picking you up  and you will show them that they were wrong


you are not a lonely waste of space on this earth.

you are not  fat or ugly

you are not worthless or talentless.

You are loved.


You deserve to be loved.

It came late, but you will learn, eventually that the only person you really need is yourself.

Your self worth is what will make you happy and make your smile reach your eyes for the first time since you can remember.


You will stop relying on others

and you will begin to push yourself up, and ignore the others who will continue to try and push you down.

Stand up for yourself.

Climb out of the that dark abyss in your head

and realize that all the crap they ever said about you,

they were wrong.


They have to be wrong, why else would you have kept trying?

You are stronger than them. And you still are.


Dear younger me.

life will suck.

but live for those great moments

know that you do have some worth

know that I am here for you.

Because they, they were all wrong about us.

This poem is about: 


Nicole Rothenberger


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