Behind a chiffon curtain

Mon, 11/10/2014 - 21:28 -- OhMyJo

The True Me?

The True Me is everchanging.

When I try to find it, it morphs because

I was not the same person I was finding it as I was when I found it.

When I see her, few things remain the same:

She loves with a fierce passion

And does not shy from challenges.

She is stronger than I think;

When I find myself in a challenge

She comes charging like Joan of Arc:

Fierce with a conviction that can move mountains.

She is always curious and

Always disappointed when she sees humans be cruel to humans.

Yet she is also selfish;

She wants the best and expects the best.

Though she finds her kindness often

She is quick to judge others

But I am quick to berate myself for judging.

She above all has a great fear of failure.

She – I – fears not having the success others expect of her

And fears having her success taken from her.

Yes, we all wear the mask;

We hide our cheeks and shade our eyes.

My True Self lives on my sleeve yet everyone seems to think she is not real.

My curtain is sheer chiffon embroidered in Rococo gold;

Rich, excessive, yet enough to be confident.

Just one slight breeze of trust and she’ll come out

Clean and pure like the fresh air of mountains.

My True Self lives just behind my fine curtain;

All you need to do is pull it aside.

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