Perfection: A How-To Guide to Being Flawless


It's wrong to hate
To be devoid of love
To attack and berate
To push and shove
But what happens when things
Get a little complicated?
Like when your friend is in slings
For driving intoxicated?
Who's to blame
Your friend? The car?
The girl that's aflame
That's in the E.R.?
Who's bed are you by
Your friend's or the martyr's?
When you say your goodbyes
Do you pray? Do you barter?
I'll tell you what's right
While in this position
Don't take sides, hold tight
Use your own intuition
Hold the hands of the lives
That are part of catastrophe
Make sure love survives
Don't let blame breed ferocity
Let their memories live on
Shine bright in the darkness
Keep moving along
Break their bonds of sadness
Sometimes it's hard to forgive
To love and let go
To accept and to live
With a warm, healthy soul
If I'm being honest here
"Flawless" isn't my dream
But I'll lend you an ear
If you need to let off steam
I listen, I learn
We're all human here
Set your mind to churn
Be it hate or fear
I can help you to change
That "scorn" to "care"
Empathy isn't so strange
Once your heart it ensnares
You realize we feel
The same things as each other
So in order to heal
Just make everyone your brother
Again, I digress
Flawlessness is somewhere inside
But once you find it in everyone
Your flawlessness will be hard to hide.




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