Fri, 08/11/2017 - 01:28 -- Grackle

Empty puzzle pieces gaping wide,

Showing the world in which I cannot hide,

Shallow emotions flutter throughout my being,

Showing everything that possesses absolutely no meaning.


Plastered smiles and stained glass eyes,

Manipulating the world with my horrible lies,

That everything is real,

That I could actually heal,

When nothing but delusions claw through my head,

Making me believe that I am emotionally dead.


Their denial sinks them further under the ground,

Away from the heavens within delusions that they are sound,

People are so damn easy to fool,

With their absolute ignorance that is almost cruel,

As I orchestrate the concert from behind,

I can’t help but feel a smidge of pride,

With a smirk that stretched my lips open wide.


A whisper floated from my space on the stage,

One that set people into a panicked rage,

Something that planted a seed,

One that would never leave,

“Don’t people know, That everyone is not as they seem?”

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