Save me

Can you save me?
Can you pull me from my pit?
From my dark and endless jail?
Can you tear down my walls of anguish?
Burn my fears or failure?
Can you help me?
Can you teach me how to feel real again?
Is it possible to learn how to live again?
How to breathe again?
Can you fill my lungs with an air that is not riddled with regrets?
That is overflowing with oxygen instead of oppression?
Can you fix me?
Can you weld the rusted rifts in my heart?
Sew the splitting strings of my soul?
Change the bulb that burned out in my brain and help me?
Can you remind me how to write again?
To write more than just obituaries and obligations?
to excite me.
To bring color back into my world
Can you turn on the lights?
You know I’m afraid of the dark


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