Transforming Lives With Dermatology

These hands do all of the hard work in this life

They build, they fight, they break, and they die

I have the power to be what I want

A doctor, a lawyer, or a teacher

But I wish to leave my mark 

Help those who suffer

With the wonderful power of my hands

My life. My passion. My dream.

Is to be extraordinary

To stand out in a crowd

To speak the words that travel to my lips

To innovate and discover and breakthrough life's mysteries

Like cancer and illnesses that spread

And prey on the weak and kill the innocent

I wish to be a physician

A dermatologist

Someone with the strength and courage 

To take care of sick patients

With a big heart and a kind soul

I wish to be a wholeheartedly dedicated to others

And I all I need is:

Four years of undergraduate school

Four years of medical school

Four years of residency school

And this scholarship, will help me give to others

 I can.

And I will transform lives

With my hands and knowledge

That God has bestowed upon me



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