Poetry Found Me

Poetry found me
when I had just
become a teen.
Before then I
had loved to
write but
that was just
short stories

My ninth grade
English teacher
really sparked
my love
for poetry.
I was so
inspired that
a friend and
I wrote
a book of
poems for
her to

Poetry has become
a part of who
I am
In many ways
it has saved
me from

In my poems I
can express
who I am

In my darkest times
my poems have
given me a glimpse
of light that
I thought was lost

When I'm hurt I
turn to poetry
a near and dear
friend to me
When I thought
of death
poetry gave me
a will to live

No matter what
I am feeling
be it happy, sad,
or mad
poetry is there
for me
to help me mend

To make me whole again

I have notebooks galore
full of tales of
my life
some are straight forward
others symbolic
all of them full
of my passion.

Without my poems
I would be lost
I probably would have
given up
long ago...

Poetry is the
world to me
with out it a piece
of me is

Poetry is so much
more to me
than words on a paper

It doesn't matter
if it comes from
me or from
another poet
poetry is how
we speak
it connects
you to me.

Poetry found me
when I was
but a teen
and it found
me at the perfect


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