Questioning Faith

Dear God,

Can you hear me?
People say you hear everything,
but are you listening?

I have some questions to ask you,
and words I want to share.
So please, listen to me.

God, why can't I believe?
Does that make me a bad person,
even though you created me?

I used to love you
and follow you effortlessly.
But then I realized,
I didn't know what I was loving.
I want to have faith.
Really, I do.
But it's hard.
How do I believe if I feel nothing?

Sometimes I think about floating away
and leaving everything behind.
But I can't.
I have too many questions.
What happens when I'm gone?
Or if I don't have faith in you?
I don't want to be scared to die.
Will accepting you make me less afraid?
Please, answer me.

Are you listening?
Are you there?
God, are you even real?
If you are, then answer me.
Give me a sign.
A message.


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