Sometimes I wish time would run for me
It would stop when I wanted 
And speed up with my will
So I could catch the bus on my time
Or wake up everyday with time to do my hair
Maybe I would age “faster” 
Perhaps I’d stay the exact same
Then I realize I’d pause every day
3 in the morning when everything is silent
And the world is dead asleep
When the night is at its darkest 
And the moon rises to the challenge
To give light to the wandering 
When the wind of a storm wakes the coziest baby
And the rain swirls sideways in the sky
When the first snow is still sticking
The first flowers haven’t awoken
The summer sun still turns a cold shoulder
The time when I can cuddle 
Nuzzle in bed with hot chocolate
Or simply watch my favorite movies
But I shouldn’t take away such value
To the world of routines and procrastination
Even though humans are the only ones 
who record What I seek to control 
Time is precious to the lot of us
We just don’t realize that until it’s too late
When we’ve grown too old for coloring books
And taking naps in the afternoon
Old to the point where we are done deciding 
simply because we struggle to move
To the point where we relive every second
Just before our last breath is drawn
And our final moment ends. 


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