If I Could Only Hear a Who


If I could only hear a Who

I’d finally know the answers.

Do I stay where it’s safe,

Jump into the pit of the unknown,

Or drown in a sea of waiting.


Time is really all we have.

No amount of money can rewind a clock.

We give people our time to show how we




But, we never truly can get it back.


My identity is a Whorton but I’d like to be a Horton,

I’d like to be brave and courageous,

To know what I’m supposed to do.

If I could change what’s inside of me, somewhere deep down

I’d be brave. 

The kind of brave that carries a speck of dust.

The kind of brave that just trusts.


But, here I am waiting in confusion

Listening for a Who to tell me what to do.


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