Uniquely Flawless


I wouldn't be the flawless person I am today if life hadn't taken it's course. The people I've met and the places I've seen have sculpted me into what makes me flawless. Everyone's journey in life is different ;hence every individual one being special.
Unlike many, I've traveled the world and seen many places most don't see until they're an adult or sometimes never in their existance. I am different. The way I speak and the actions I naturally inact come from this cultural mix. Raised by morals, loyalty, respect, and music I have learned to not be like others and have instead been rising up to make my own path and lead.
I have listened to the problems of many different people and given advice for their hardships. I have helped many overcome this so called "game of life". I have seen the different paths people ,including myself, could have taken and the many different outcomes they lead to. Yes, I stay quiet sometimes only to watch our world ,no our universe, as it is and see it's changes around me.
As time comes and goes, I see most that people miss. The moments of insecurity upon the human race, the trials and sometimes errors of our worlds apparent "leaders", the secrets that our world keeps. This not only makes me ,but this makes the individual slight changes that are not exactly visible to the human eye.
As I get older I see more and more things that most are very much blind to. Yes, this is me and all these seemingly frivolous things have made me into me ,but even though these things have made me into me I still have one true question "Who are we?". And so this is what has made me into this flawless young lady that i am today. 


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