Transparent Me


United States
44° 46' 33.0168" N, 93° 16' 6.3192" W

If I am to be one thing,
let me be transparent.
No, not to fade off this earth.
Let me reveal the dreams I nurture within me.
Let my past be exposed.
Let my inspirations and drives
radiate through me—
for am I am not myself without these
things inside me.

Let my fears be known,
least you think I am not afraid.
Let my thought processes be trackable,
lead you think pull conclusions from the air.

I want you to see
the me that knows me.
I want you to know
the path upon which I’ve grown;
to see the fields upon which I have sown.

Let my skin be translucent.
Let my gender be a lens.
Let my words be provacative,
so that you might be drawn
to see
a me
that is both human
and free,
a me
that transcends
and is still bound to this earth,
a me
that is not so unlike you,
a me
that has passions and desires,
a me
that has needs and has pains.

For what am I
but the things that are within


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