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United States
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There is a girl standing by herself, observing her features and physical characteristics in a mirror.

Her posture is straight, her eyes - thoughtful, and her expression - serene.

Her clothes are both cozy and chic – she combines comfort and fashion.

Straight, golden hair cascades down her back like a waterfall.

There are bright hazel eyes that examine everything.

They allow her to be intelligent and observant.

This is her: beautiful.


There is a girl standing in a public room, considering each person in the room with her.

She feels reserved and introverted at times, but she manages to make conversation.

Her personality remains steady with each person she meets.

She has baby pink lips that only speak kind words.

They insist on fairness and peace.

They show care for every person.

This is her: compassionate.


There is a girl standing amidst a group of friends, laughing at a joke that was said.

Hiccups decorate her laugh and smile-wrinkles accessorize her face.

Her smile lights up the room, being true and genuine.

She is small in stature, but big in confidence.

Her confidence builds up those around her.

It promotes happiness and innocence.

It wants the best for others.

This is her: honest.




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