I Am Trenea

I am quiet

I am shy

Too shy for a 16 year old

I keep my mouth shut

And my mind loud

If you speak to me

I will speak to you

I am not rude

I am nice

Too nice sometimes

Nice enough to get pushed over

But I can move out the way

I am weird

I am a weirdo

I don't like everything

I like what I like

It just happens

Everyone likes this

I like that

I love music

I want to sing

But I don't have the vocal cords

I have the hands

To pick up a pen

And write a feeling

I am a writer

I want to be a writer

I want to speak to people

Using literature

I am too quiet

No one knows me

But I know me

I'm my best friend

I only trust myself

I won't let myself get hurt

If I do

I brush myself off

And tell myself it's okay

I am not a girl

I am Trenea

Pleased to meet you


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