true me

I am me

I am from the D

From the waters that overlook Canada

I am from Motor city

A place that is loud with inner beauty

I am from the soul

A part of me that was hidden for so long

Whose words and thoughts were always told no

This is the true me

A girl from the D

Where many people like me

Don't make it past the cold streets

I am here to release the deeper me

Who will not be told no

Who will rebel

Who will conquer all dreams ever dreamt

And go further than anyway ever thought

This is the true me

A little black girl who people called four eyes

Because of my glasses

Yup thats right, thats me

I am me, I will not give in

I will no longer be pushed over

But instead I will make my stand

AND I will be strong

Thank you Detroit for helping me find the



This poem is about: 
My community


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