My Confidence


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When I'm on my poetry flow
You should already know
I come five times harder
Than the rhymers that show
Nothing more
Than a few love words
My lyrical ability is more complicated than two love birds
But enough of
That cockiness . .
It's more like confidence
The fact that I am accomplishing this.
Now take a look at me
And I'm sure you'll see
A person who knows EXACTLY who and what they wanna be
I am a female strong enough to succeed
In this thing called life.
I swear nothing in it is perfect
But everything i work for is worth it
I birthed this
Person inside of me controlling the circuits
Make me this beautiful woman who allows nothing to affect me.
My confidence -
It's what builds me up
To tell myself that I'm more than enough
All to help me remain strong and tough.
It's all from that cockiness
That's more like a confidence
The fact that I'm accomplishing this .
This thing called life . .



This flow is sick and your patterns are tight. Check out my first one if you feel it. This poem is nice

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