In my Head

Swimming through my lake of thoughts
I gaze and then behold,
The dreams are singing, and hopes are ringing
The young and also the old

Diplomas aimlessly drift
around the kelp sea bed,
Orchestral tunes, fill the runes
And echos ‘bout my head

Wetsuits hug my thighs and ribs
Down in that black abyss,
Shining light will beam so bright
And grant me what I wish

Cowards will hide crying, “You’re crazy!”
With that I must agree,
I have a connection, that acts like protection
As I begin to venture deep

Inspiration crashes down
And waves begin ascending,
The thrill of the ride turns the tide
And helps me stop pretending

Trials thrash and scar my body
And rushing water will sound,
Others may run, and they are shunned
But I will stand my ground

My head is jerked, my feet are lifted
I feel I’m at my end,
The warm brown sand now in my hands
I now know hope’s a friend

Adversity’s fled, but shall return
This I can guarantee,
These adventures, are the cures
To the mysteries in my sea

Jolting awake and knowing
That I am not in my sea,
Waiting here, having no fear
For Future’s secrets to be unleashed.

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