The Inner Me.


The Inner Me.

It's the soul you cannot see.

The pain, the struggles, the beating, and troubles.

I cry out for help.

Suicide thoughts.

No one there to tell me, stop.

I'm am confused at the mind.

I show outside what's devine.

The treasures of my smile.

And my humble compassion.

We know that my life is so short.

Not everlasting.

This time is passing.

I'll be dead in a few.

Dead to creation.

Dead to my family.

and especially you.

I'm sorry for not showing you.

The Inner me.

You didn't get that chance.

While I was dying, for you to see.

Take my words oh so literally.

See these words on my gravestone.

Permanently etched amongst rock.

The Inner me is gone.

Now you are into shock.

I feel no remorse for you.

I feel no guilt.

You were the one that took my heart.

Spit on it. 

That's how it was dealt.

No longer will you see this caring soul.

To you.

To me.

It is all old.

The inner me.

An invisible shield.

Around the stitches.

around the blood.

it has now been killed.


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