The Cage


United States
44° 46' 33.0168" N, 93° 16' 6.3192" W

The sky is clear, but in this cage it is hard to notice. This cage that constricts me from seeing beyond the bars is unbearable, and I am unable to set myself free.
Here I sit, in this strong cage that holds me in. This cage that keeps me safe, yet gives me sorrow. This cage that protects, but also isolates.
This cage, I must admit, was built by my own hands. It was built to protect me from the whispers all around me. It was built from my weaknesses and insecurities that haunt me every day.
How long have I been in this cage? It must have been since the day I realized that I am not as pretty or talented as those around me. When I realized how cruel people can be with their words and their rumors.
How I wish to find that key one day! The one that will set me free! That key which holds the courage and strength to continue living and laughing without the worries of the wind. Without the worries of feeling different from the world around me.
Maybe in the near future I will finally have it in me to set myself free. I hope so. I do not want to live in this cage anymore. I want to know how it feels to finally stretch my wings and fly. I want to run through the fields of life without having to hide myself behind these rusted bars.
I want to be free. I will be free. But until then, here, I sit. Patiently waiting to someday see that clear sky with my own eyes.


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