i like you and i love you

'you're like the leslie knope of gift giving' she said,

and i took it to heart

depression makes it so you constantly wonder why

why people like you

why people bother with you

why you have friends


and i always stop

and look at the people around me

and i am amazed at how all these wonderful beings gathered around me

how they all became friends with each other because of me

how my house can become their refuge in the storm

and i think,

well, i must be doing something right


or am i just truly a lazy, selfish, apathetic person?

these dark thoughts gather in my mind

and tear me up from inside out

nearly bringing me to my knees

until i hear my best friends words echo in my head

'you're like the leslie knope of gift giving'

and i can faintly recall all the things my friends have said to me without a second thought on their part

you're nice,

you're funny,

you're kind,

you're smart,

sometimes i smile

and i think,


maybe they might be

onto something

after all


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My community
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