I Wake Up Every Morning


I wake up every morning,

With the same ringing in my head

About whom I’m "supposed" to be;

But who I choose to be instead.

About my hair not being perfect,

My eyes to big and w    i     d   e,

My teeth a little crooked,

Of how flawed I am outside,

Of how my nose is just too big,

Of how I’ll never be 5 feet tall,

Of how my manners will never make me;

They say they will most likely break me.

But let me tell you something

And listen very clear.

I don’t want to be like a model,

I’m trying to steer clear.

I want to stand out and be who I really am.

God made me this way and I’m going to take every opportunity that I can,

And just be who I was meant to be; just be the wild, vigorous, wonderful little me.

I want to be flawless in my own special way

Efortlessly, cautiously every single day.

I don’t need tons of makeup

To cover the beauty of my face.

My smile may be crooked but it’s real; anyway

My eyes may be spread apart, just a "little" too much

But tell my story out loud, they show everything I want so much.

Stop spitting so much evil comments my way

You’re just wasting your time

Every night and every single day.

They’ll just bounce of my force field and hit you in the face.

I may not be flawless to you or the world,

But I love being me and there no one I rather be more.

I don’t need anything more than the love I feel inside.

My face might not be perfect but I’m flawless,

In every single way, on the inside.

So I wake up every morning with the same ringing in my head;

I hear my heart beat beating and so I listen to that instead.


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