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The definition of it: is a group of persons who came from the same ancestor

Sadly though no one wants a family anymore

From the generation that has now been born

To the generations that have been born before

No one wants a family anymore


I’m not talking about the pregnancy before or after the ring

I’m talking about how it begins in the home between parents and or siblings

Either; mom, dad, or both work too much

Or maybe because your brother or sister felt the popularity wasn’t enough


The sun could be shining on the most perfect day

Eventually that spotlight gets taken away

Taken away and taken for granted

From another adult, teen, or child for a family they always wanted

We’re battling it out, screaming it aloud

When our feelings haven’t sound to the crowd


Family is dying

And nobody’s trying

Nobody cares to know

How this saddens our ancestors so

How our loved ones above are quaked in their hearts

To see how the family they helped create, plummet apart


Fingers are being pointed, someone’s getting blamed

Someone’s telling flat out lies, another’s getting framed

Someone has a boyfriend she treats better than herself

Just because she receives all the attention she couldn’t get from someone else


Someone thinks of himself as sort of a playboy

Treating all the damsels he meets as his own personal toy

Someone’s drinking alcohol, someone’s taking drugs

Someone’s sneaking out at night to parties, bars, and clubs


Someone’s joining a gang, while you thought they were attending school

They’ve gone and found themselves a new family where they can set the new rule

Someone will be going to jail, someone maybe dies

Someone will just lose all spark of life in their eyes


 Someone may just come out their closet, and reveal the skeletons they hide

One just may lose his/her only reason for being and commit suicide

There will be that one person that will always come and go

Always that one black sheep who’s never known light from behind another’s shadow


Someone will cheat, someone will lie, someone will steal in the dark of the night

Day in and day out we just fight, fight, fight

It’s a struggle without end

And I bet no one could answer when, where, how, and why did it all begin?


Whatever happened to going to family for comfort whenever someone put you through?

Without that now who, tell me who can we run to?

And what do we need to do in order to get a family back

Because we obviously don’t have the answer to something that we lack


I’ve seen more tears than I have seen rain

I’ve never experienced so many headaches, heartaches, and pain

It seems to me that we all have taken the wrong turn at the crossroad

Because we’ve gone to a place where love may no longer abode


I miss the summer days eating Popsicle sticks

I miss the days when we felt old and reminisced

I miss the nights of telling ghost stories right before bed

And leaning over our couches till the floors met our head


 I miss the fireworks we used to shoot at the sky when dark

If flame can find and follow the string then why can’t family find and follow that spark?

I miss the days when we baked cookies, decorated, and in destined morning opened gifts

Where we gave each other peace and sincere joy instead now we’re throwing fits


I miss when we procrastinated with homework and chores and got dressed for school photos

When we looked back on the print outs and laughed to each other saying we’d never show those

But now there will be one whose heart is shut tight

And there will be at least one in the family who will try to make it right

Though that person will always, always, be busy

They will put forth the effort to reconnect this bond, even though it’s not easy


A family is falling if it hasn’t, that is, already fallen

Everyone needs to get together and fix family, because what is the need of the word if we all choose to leave it broken?


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