If you try to say that you can describe me you’re wrong

I’ve faced adversity and have since become strong,

The words that I write are just a glimpse of my own insight

Pain and tribulation has made my blank canvas full of tears,

Dark marks that try to describe who I am, trying to tell the story of my past,

But I’m in control of my future, my preservation will last.

My goals are to become who I want to be,

Are those the means on which you try to define me?

I’ll tell you about my life so far,

Just promise not to judge me from my deep scars.


A now normative life has given me so much strife,

A father who was never there has seemed to disappear

From a young age giving me fear,

I’ve learned to teach myself on how to be a man,

Be kind, brave and courteous to others

That’s my plan.

To never leave my family is what’s important to me,

Providing for them is what I need.


A life long struggle is what I face

Diagnosed with OCD keeps me repeating my pace

Through a constant fight I will strive to accomplish my goal 

to help others wh suffer like I.

I try to better myself everyday

Always changing in everyway


You ask how I would define myself, but I don’t have just one word

I have many but to state them would be absurd,

 To call myself one word for who I’ve become isn’t fair to me or to anyone.

I would fail at this task you have assigned to me

Because growing as a person means to become free

Free from words that place chains on my self

Guiding me to who I’m supposed to be

Ever-changing you’ll never be able to define who I am

I am undefinable




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