I Am with #NoFilter

Fri, 05/15/2015 - 17:24 -- Pulchra

I am

The one you don't mess with

When she's walking down the street

Soldia flowin' through my veins

While survival is on my mind


And uhhh

Picture this

I was born and raised where them gunshots

And 'Pop!' 'Pops!' rippled throughout the


Fear never an emotion of mine


I am

That Dear Mama blastin through the speakers

Despite the volume

His words spoke volumes

Forever giving me peace that there will be brighter days


**Fastforward Ten Years**


I am

That genius in the classroom

If you ever needed an answer-to 

I was the go-to, teach-me-how-to-do

This work ass student


Then I met him

And he wanted to take

My virginity

But I had more couth

Then he believed


And he took my mind places

I left un-touched

Takin' my body places

I couldn't resist

It, it, it all became too complicated 


And I was inundated with teenage horn-mones 

But didn't back down from my morals and beliefs

I kissed him over and over  

Actions didn't match my words

So I dissed him


In other words: Parents found a house in another city

Secluded and alone

An addiction developed

I mean the two-finger scheme

That the media constantly sells to you

And she, her, them


I, out of all people, fell for the trap

Constantly wishing I could take that one video back

My heart had never beat so fast

It was me, myself, and I

In-between the sheets

Addicted to the profane images

On my cellphone screen


I was also trying to build a relationship

With Jesus, God

My Creator


This addiction didn't make it any better

I was failing school

I didn't know what to do


I awoke everyday just to ask for forgiveness

But that didn't entail the sin I was about to indulge in

For the next hour or two


Then we moved again

Translation: We were evicted

Now I'm just another f*#@&%g



I couldn't let this bring me down

If anything, I could only go up


No longer do I have an addiction

Sometimes I binge watch

It's a struggle

Other times it means nothing at all


I am

Doing much better in school

I sit here because I didn't get

Into a program I am aimed for


No worries

I'll try again and get in

Lion Heart

Survival Mentality


I am Great

I am the one you can't wait to meet

I am Beautiful

I am far beyond what the eye can see


I am Gifted

With a sprinkle of adventure

I am the one that walks down

The street without skipping a beat


I am chosen

Above, but humble

I stand out from the rest

I am Me


Best of all

I am Free














This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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