Life is a perpetual cold.

Life is a perpetual cold.

It is said to cure it

"Do what you're told.

Don't stray from the norm,

or life will suck."

But I am not a sitting duck.

The status quo is getting old,

because life is a perpetual cold.


Life is finding your faith,

believing in Christ

with all of your strength.

Opening your heart to the Lord,

gives you his protection

in an endless outpour.

Every Sunday I get his taste,

because Life is finding your faith.


Life is a day of death.

You must savor every breath,

with enthusiasm and life

while pondering your

hardships and strife.

Happiness is something

you create not catch,

because life is a day of death.


Life is a broken bone.

It never seems

to leave you alone.

no matter how careful you are,

you always end up with a scar.

The pain it causes

cannot be honed,

because life is a broken bone.


Life is switching schools,

you may be anyone,

lame or cool.

You can find new ties,

with brand new friends,

and gain reputations,

which never end.

Sometimes you feel like 

an absolute fool,

because life is switching schools. 


Life is trying something new.

It is only as great as you choose,

to make it be and 

put yourself in,

and allow yourself to

smirk and grin.

So work it girl and just be you,

because life is trying something new.


Life is making a tough choice.

You have to listen to the voice

of reason showing you the way,

because life isn't just today.

You must compose your thoughts,

and keep your poise.

Life is making a tough choice.


Though life may be all of these things,

this is not everything.

There is a world beyond these words,

so go out and take it as yours.

Dance act speak, or sing,

because life is more than just these things.




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