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i like to think we- the transsexuals- are more divine than the gods, for we weild the touch of creation. we birth our own flesh and blood, build our own bodies, and shape them with loving hands.
i pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the country that wants me dead.
my real family isnt what you see on my birth certificit or the ones you see in books or in public but its mine my mom is a burned out teen about to go into highschool
I will whether you like it or not I will talk about you like you are still here till you’re not then i will talk about you like a noble soldier
I guess I knew those years ago but I shut it out, covered it as a phase I just moved because I thought it was better to but even as the years went on I still called myself, "Jace" 
It is trans day of remembrance Another vigilAnother memorialMore and more lost each year
They call me she, they call me her, they call me a name which i do not prefer.   They call me a girl, they call me "young lady" when in truth that is pure insanity.  
When I was young I loved playing and especially hid-and-seek I would hide in the closet (she didn't know, but she was in more ways than one)
This is my gay poem My poem about pride And about finally coming out to my parents after 23 years But you know some news falls on cotton-filled ears Never bothering to ask where they got the cotton from.
I was 16 years old when I finally realized that I was gay. When I finally understood why I had so many girlfriends, But could barely speak to other boys I was 16 years old when I first kissed a boy
My senior year of high school I joined the school’s swim team Not because I particularly liked the idea of spending my afternoons mindlessly swimming laps in a public pool. Or the smell of chlorine in my hair
  I love when a man is nervous to talk to me for the first time Not in a masochistic way Or a rude way I just love the way they blush Or the way they trip on their words Or fidget with their fingers
Her eyes were a deep-set amber Her face was crusted with dust The end of the world had started and all she could do was watch.   Nuclear warfare never paid off.   Two sides
Straight people can be so nosy sometimes There’s always something y’all want to know about what I do in the bedroom. But at the same time none of you really do And honestly I don’t understand.
First: Jesus loves you. Even if he is the only man who does at the moment.   Two: your sexuality and your religion are not mutually exclusive and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  
Today I realized the word Shepherd, is one "e" away from Sheep herd Which isn’t enough to write a poem about But it was enough to make me not kill myself today.
They call me a slut They call me a slut because I sleep around I guess that’s what they call it They call me a slut because I am good at making men feel good I am good at making men feel good because it makes me feel good.
Is that really us? What happened to our graphic tees? The white tube socks? Do we always cuff our jeans now? How do you make it look that neat? We never really do neat Or I guess we never used to.
I am dreaming about pies Or maybe it was chrysanthemums Or the way your laugh sounds like distant thunder and I always loved thunderstorms.   I hear your breath in my ear to remind me that it is 7pm
You ask me why, But it is so hard to answer. Because even I don't know. How to form the words, How to describe my thoughts, How to describe my feelings. I am not fluent. My mind cannot be translated.
We used to write, you and I, When I was too small to grasp The world or anything in it, And you were afraid Of what I would find if I knew; So I waited by the mailbox For your watchful answers.
Depression is a drag queen She sashays across the floor Covered in sparkles and makeup So you almost forget. You almost forget how alone you feel How the bar is empty
[NOTE: I'm a non-binary person, my pronouns are they/them. At the beggining of the poem, I talk about the period of time I considered myself a girl. When I start speaking in first personand I talk about "they" I'm talking about myself.
                                                              HOMOCID Rainbows people, look around! Don't you notice anything?! Every second, every moment, the Higher powers, that created the world,
The year I was born Was the same year Matthew Shepard was murdered The same year blood filled our televisions And anger burned our throats The year I was born was when everything changed
Empty This is the best way I can describe how I feel right now How I feel knowing that it’s over That our adventures are over That the plans we made will never come to fruition
I could never write love poems til I met you. Could never describe how it felt to love To love as deeply as I do As I have I could never write love poems without them becoming tear drops on the paper
Friday night, first week of May, you brought me here like a child. Hungry for new experiences. A new world. Scared that that world might not accept him as he is. Nervous.That night we drank, we danced, we laughed, and we kissed…. 
I never told my parents I was gay. Never mentioned that I would not be giving them grandchildren. An eleven year old’s mind, full of insecurity, but eleven year old’s will listen. Listen to the news that you watch
i am not a woman i'm not a girl not a lady not she at least... not exclusively i am... they i am he i am, first and foremost, a person just a person just... me
Loud! Proud!  And under attack,  We don't want victims, This city, It lacks,   Loud! Proud!! We've fought for a name, No way can you bring us all down, To a shame
Indeed, you would love her too  if you would only see her  sitting in a sun-saturated kitchen with a flower in her hair  and a lyrical smile. 
I am from the cold worries of winter, From that gnawing permanence  And the rejoice of warm spring. I am from the two venus violets. (Mulberry to Sunset Orange,
Do not tell me that you are an ally of the LGBTQ+ community  If you go home at night and refuse to believe your daughter is gay Simply because she may not give you the grandchildren you want  
Her eyes were blue Like the oceans that I would cross  To be able to see her face again   Her hair was like silk  That was delicately spun
Society hates gays Oppressed and hated against, Causes LGBT suicide rates to rise. Instead of society being at fault, Everyone blames those who don’t conform. 
A minute is slicing my nerves It gives me a pressure along my body's curves Muting my voice down to the silence Betraying me, my gestures are put in defiance  A minute ago I was a human
it's like being a dandelion in a field of flowersyou look like them, you smell like them, you feel like them   but you're a weed  
Cutting through the dark   It's a cold, it's a dark which dwell in my shivering heart   My fears make me chasing through the losses I bear,   All these pieces which are falling apart.  
Spreading my lashes outwards to the sun, moon and stars. Connecting bodies as a rhizome, Emerging here and there, lost in nowhere. Moulding rhythms, rhymes, tones, flights and falls between the words.
I've been uprooted thrice. First found no comfort in being myself. By  being swept off the ground. The people hanged stigma over With voices harsh and loud Second, the state failed to make me proud
Remain untouched by the love and acceptance of the other Stay beyond of life and people's circles You're all alone  The best you can do is to hide yourself from your mother
As I stand before the mirror, I stare aimlessly at myself.  I stare at the way my skin molds into the unique shape of my bones, and folds around the tips of my eye lids. 
What does it mean to be American? It means slowly getting rights to have them stripped away again People will contrast the Time changes of Then versus Now
I’m angry with you. I’m sorry I am, I don’t want to be, but I am. You make me sad and you hurt me. My heart aches all the time. Why did you fall in love with me if you can’t love me?
  It’s not hard when it’s not present When we’re working together and we have to hide When you’re 1,500 miles away It’s not hard when we don’t think about it
My life has been on hold for so long I didn’t even realise No progress has become the new norm While I sit here and wait for you to love me Like once upon a time when we were both so young
All my life, I forced myself to say things  and to be things  and to like things.  And that has given me a lot of shame in my life.  I feel like I am trapped 
2:30AM: I say to you, I cannot bare to continue feeling this unloved, this unworthy of love. You said to me, “remember we are strong” as if it was something I could forget, but I had.
A goddess of a girl, all would say The envy of most maidens, whom I came to love She awoke at dawn, just to dance at dusk.  Her laughter filled my soul A euphoria I could not naturally muster up
I am lesbian, I am gay, I am bi, I am trans, I am straight. I am love, I am kindness, I am caring. I am more then my trauma. I am more than my abuse. I am more than my scars. I am what survival looks like. I am human.
you breathed a song into my mouth, a melody so beautiful that if he should hear it, Bernstein would write off his symphonies as nothing more than empty refrains.   
My love, my one and only, A cherub in the eyes of man She is so small, her bones withering  To the touch, frail ribs poke against the skin
I was very very very broken Nothing but sharp objects and dark places; gone boy The fog was so thick around me All i could see was one shining light
I always wanted to feel you at full brightness I wanted you to hit me full frontal Full force Run into me And take me down with you
  It was a long time ago That you tried to kiss me  In the creaking book store Next to the little red diner It was a long time ago that i thought
Sometimes i like to get high on beaches at night time I like to inhale the chemicals And exhale my fears I like the feeling of the sand Cool and soft and silky
Was this pain and torment and torture Giving me the supplies I needed  To craft my own sistine chapel Did you leaving Cause my hands to grow brushes
Our table isn’t set for two you lost me and I lost you there are splinters in my wrist for the night we could’ve kissed can you feel me slip away
it’s okay to talk about things it’s okay to speak i’m begging you to wear your heart  on your sleeve and your tongue
i’m writing you a letter, about the colors in your eyes i feel my pulse quicken but our plot will never thicken we will never hit our peak
if you love me let me go your words: an axe to my throat blood is fucking everywhere you ripped it out of me what happened to forever
it’s easy to be lonely in the lights of this city wondering why you can never look me in the eyes when you tell me that im pretty  
“i never knew a mind could be so dark” well i, i have never known a mind so light flower petal eyelashes flower garden you growth sprouting from your palms
the white of my body more snow than skin ice cold to the touch i know you think i’ll thaw   this ice age has no end my fire stopped burning
do you remember the fireworks back then when we hid behind purple walls praying they wouldn’t see the clouds of lavender smoke that our passion
can you feel it in my kiss? sharper than the glass embedded in my feet if you hear it in my voice the water flowing upstream
you’ll never know that i drive away smiling going over everything you’ve said, your sweater is on my chest but i wish it was your head.  
you dragged a knife across my heart  the way i used to drag a blade across my skin there was so much blood there is so much blood and i cannot stop the bleeding
burnt bridges led my way they led the way to you i could see their fire in your eyes you came from another path of ashes and pain we came together
you decided i needed open heart surgery so you found the dullest blade you could and began to rub it against my chest until the skin finally began to tear
i take off my shirt, turn my back to the mirror and look at all of the scars- taking a knife to my back seems to be everyone’s favorite hobby,
you left before i got better you left before i could make things right you left before things could get really good and i cant blame you for getting tired of waiting
depression,  this intangible idea that we desperately wish was something we could grasp this ailment isn’t tangible
i am nothing to everyone and the weight of that nothingness feels like i am holding up the universe on two bony shoulders and a curved spine this greek myth
my guardian angel is skin and bones thin and weary but so clearly i can see us dancing in the stove light twirling you around
i press the blade to my skin i breathe into my lungs out of my lungs when does the pain of your world falling apart begin to end?
i took my life in my own hands and i decided to resuscitate myself  i folded my hand over the other and beat down on my chest i forced air into my lungs
i see you in fucking santa clarita. fucking that bitch that will never fucking love you that will never treat you like me- that will never protect you,
every night i go to bed shaking the tremors rip through my body shaking hands, shaking hearts i pull pillows to my chest and i press down as hard as i can
you have a million suitors  anyone who meets you becomes entranced by your beauty the better men try to look a little deeper
he lies awake all fucking night until the stars disappear from the black blue sky damn he’s like deathly high
i want to write about happy things so i find myself thinking of your lips i find myself hoping that tonight i’ll finally get to kiss you- at least in my dreams
you weren’t the one and that pill is sharper than the edge of the gold and black knife you gave me over a year ago. you weren’t the one
tell me who broke your heart i am a master at stitching up wounds a master at emotional first aid let me heal you with hopeful words and kept promises
no matter how much bleach i use the blood stains won’t go away i’m scrubbing and scrubbing the floorboards the wood turned cherry  
I’m ripping my brain out Piece by piece Cutting it into little squares I’ll serve you our memories On a silver fucking tray I’ll feed them to you,
they tell me “you don’t want to die” after i tell them how badly i want to die no, i do want to die i want to sleep myself
i’m all alone in this glass house Swallowing jack under a pink sky there’s blood on the driveway keeping a knife in the pocket of my jeans
i’m all alone in this glass house Swallowing jack under a pink sky there’s blood on the driveway keeping a knife in the pocket of my jeans
i can drown myself  in alcohol it never really helps at all no matter how much shit i inhale through my nose
Younger then, i remember not understanding why people would want to escape their bodies.
if we want to talk about being hard to love that definition begins with me anxiety  insecurity paranoia chewing me up, throwing me out
you said you were taxing to love as if that could ever be true loving you is like loving christmas lights loving you is like breathing 
shackles and chains and being tied up in you wrists glowing crimson like the sunset on an ocean of razor blades, the ones you dropped in there before i began to swim
typewriters and rainbows and there isn’t any rain here now poetry and books and your hand finding mine on the drive home street light shooting stars
coke and acid and weed and girls that weren’t me but you were my only drug my only addiction   and to you, to you my drug of choice, to you I was loyal
i’m spilling this blood instead of the ink breaking the vows i made with a faux diamond ring carving into white marble
on my chest below my neck ornaments on my body i don’t remember asking for they decorate me but i seldom feel like art
Love is all in vain The vulnerability Romanticized There is nothing romantic about this pain There is nothing i love about hurting
I’m letting go of all my regrets One by one dropping them Into the infinite stillness Of a lake i find much more green than blue plop plop plop
You weren’t storm, but hurricane They’ll name them all after you now Through my rose colored glasses Your clenched fists looked like hands to hold
I am so madly in love with new york city The lights on the buildings Brighter than the stars And you, You were brighter than all the stars that night
When my name died I did not mourn itI did not bury my name in the back yard with Fluffy and Fido Covering my name with flowersInstead I just just stood thereWatching it parish as the truth of my words cut through it
I don't know when or where, But I found myself uncertain Wondering what could be if only... If only I hadn't been there If I had chosen differently would I be better, smarter, kinder even.  
Short hair, shoulders wide, kinda short, narrow-eyed. More stubborn than anybody else in my whole damn life! Stop talking to me like, that. Walking up to me, When my mother's right by my side,
(please imagine 8 in chinese in place of the / \'s, as powerpoetry does not accept chinese characters)   I walked along the shore and left eight prints, all / \, / \, / \, / \, / \, / \, / \, / \, 
if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then those who cannot see her light are merely blinded in the reflection.   she's gold and iron, so strong and lovely.
For Your Pleasure There was a study done at the University of Nicosia  stating that I,  a woman-loving,  pussy-eating, big-ole-queer 
Times never change, Sappho//You could not weave and I could not write tonight//She asked me to write her essay for her (she hates English class) and I said yes—like a fool to the stockades//I turned my essay in late because of her but it
hey? just wanted to let you know that hey? I might be a little bit slow, but hey? you're really cool and I like you a lot, but hey? I don't know if you've even given me a thought
Housekeeping   I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with closets. On one hand it’s been a safe spot wasn’t it?  A haven to escape to when I was afraid,
she loves a woman but,  she still closes her eyes and bows her head to pray to  a god who i always thought  would never love me.  love thy neighbor but,  only if they have the traditional kind of sex. 
She tucks her t-shirts into her skirt. She died a streak of her hair in 4th grade. She only played tag with others girls. She won't tell her family she likes her, she isn't afraid, she just doen't need to.
My dear Ampelos, To him we say adios. Lost in the tragic days of yesteryear— A proud boy with no fear. He hitched a ride on a wild bull, Set the tides of faith on the pull.
My day was shit Until you came up in conversation And then I went on about you My face lit up and I felt all sunny yellow inside Even my cheeks went strawberry pink
she is the galaxy beneath my hands  bewildering and swallowing humbling and inspiring.  nebula take place in her eyes  her hands carve out the universe 
They didn’t tell you that cherry cola was wrong, but they let you know it was.  They said that only the sick minded drank it, declared from a broken and cracked pulpit
Hi, I'm Sunshine. I'm a perfectly normal person.   I love helping people,  I raise rabbits, and I enjoy watching the Arizona Cardinals on Sundays with my dad. I'm a perfectly normal person.   
cross my heart and hope to breathe / suck the air into my lungs like a promise broken / like wind in the air singing hymns across a desolate plain / and wish for something different or better or nothing at all / because this is my story and our st
He was looking at me with a hunger in his face that boys like me learn to ignore as soon as we can climb a tree. I have never climbed a tree. I was curious.   “What are you
She’s my favorite of the five senses Sight, smell, sound, taste, touch   Her face scrunched up Grabbing at the pillows Grabbing at my hair
The first time I hold her hand, I’m nervous I’m desperately holding onto the reality It doesn’t feel like reality It feels like a dream
Thump thump Thump thump Thump thump Gulp   I’m not excited I didn’t miss her
perhaps  the story goes differently  this time just like  the last time icarus falls but this time someone is there to break his fall apollo couldn't
When it takes courage for you to stand, and proclaim your name, and you have to pray, that your voice, doesn't break, or taper off, or fall on deaf ears.
To dream is to cry, to live is to die. The question is why. Why do we dream if all we do is cry? Why do we live if all we do is die? We dream to see a better day! We dream because sometimes you have nothing to say.
This is my letter to my family and friends, this is not where our journey ends.
A Christian boy in love with another...         is it really against the rules? I first realized three years ago, as        I was sitting in my chemistry class,    that the boy next to me was                                        c u t e
It existed in imagination as-  It was about naming what existed Biblical kind of creation through naming first the histronics of an excorcism then, all falsehoods exiled, a joyous acceptance
Being Gay, I was never actually happy, I was locked inside a cramped closet.  Being Gay, I was manhandled by my father, I was being belittled. Being Gay, I couldn't be myself,
I love my mother I love her warmth I love her wit I love her fearlessness and admire her endurance I love the way she loves strangers I love the way she loves me   In adolescence,
Years locked up, forbidden A rush of feeling unleashed Everywhere I look I am reminded Of the beauty and love I once turned away from
Love is meant to be unconditional Never accompanied by thorns in a mothers embrace Never parred with flames in a fathers voice
i slept in my binder last night, the fabric compressing tight holding my ribs close
The blunt truth is, for most of us, it fits A social construct is all the natter Meaning it’s definition changes and shifts However, it is not all that matters  
We are all placed in two boxes at birth   Boy or girl? Is always the main question   But there are many more genders on earth   Sometimes we don’t fit into a binary pre-possession  
I wish you could truly see me, Before you saw the vessel that carries me. I wish my heart would introduce itself,  Before you knew my name. I wish you’d feel my soul before you laid beside me. 
It was him who found me. The giant with the calloused palms I was simply a form Clumsy in my gargantuan new body Horns piercing from my back;
Allow meto commentateon the world ofstucture
We sat togetherfingers intertwinedlegs swinging overthe ledge,the edge of abyss(of bliss?)no space between
i've done it. okay? i've done a lot. i've laughed till i peed myself, cried until my throat was sore, figured myself out so i wouldn't have to
Dear Ladies,
Where foot petals unfolded Under canopies of foliage was a place Neither good nor bad -- Was simply beyond. Rumi told   Me this: these words tattooed
Here we flutter, soar, and fly Abuzz, for all to see, an iridescent sky Our pride, with which we manage, Asserting our presence, flags raised high,
On the water there A petal breaks the silence, suddenly submerged lungs aching for breath, alone, more words tumble from the mouth. Mirror, mirror, As I speak to you the petal finds a break
On the water there A petal breaks the silence, suddenly submerged lungs aching for breath, alone, more words tumble from the mouth. Mirror, mirror, As I speak to you the petal finds a break
4 years agoI found something I didn’t know.It would change my life,Wasn’t sure it was right,Probably explains why I cried,Felt like I didn’t have a soul. It took seventeen yearsAnd seventeen years of fearBut in the mirror of my integrity,There wer
How many nights will I spend here Alone With tears running down my cheeks Facing a darkness that surrounds the light in my heart Waiting to be free.   For how long will I continue to hide my emotions
I. maybe it was selfish to call this love. but is it greed when all we have is each other? II. i watched the world end when i was young;    where there was light before, now there is silence.
Every little kid learns about butterflies, With their fluttering wings and their monumental transformation
Like most, I fear many things I fear bugs, I fear being late for class, I fear getting lost on the subway, I fear extraneous heights, I fear pain - even the littlest amount
Dear girl I used to be…I’m sorry.I’m sorry for the lies, I’m sorry for making you put on that disguiseA fake smile, a fake face, a fake body and a fake placeIn this world, telling you what you needed to be
Creeping through the silent night Floor boards eerily echo throughout the house. They’ve come before, Now they’ve come back. Seventy-five percent
  they ask how i can know  for sure i like girls as if it is a question up for debate  like you would choose this life  just to experience the hate and the pressure and the pain 
  they ask how i can know  for sure i like girls as if it is a question up for debate  like you would choose this life  just to experience the hate and the pressure and the pain 
you're four and pocahontas is your world. mommy and daddy don't understand, 'you want to marry the princess? you can't.' (they don't know why you're confused.)
Dirty Dirty, dirty words How dare you speak them in my house My home, His house Who I am is not dirty But let it be undefined, unspoken
The moon has phases, but my sexuality does not. However, I will not take your ignorance as an insult. Your ignorance is a compliment. Every time you say that it is "just a phase" you are asking what stage of life I am in.
3rd period The office aide “We need Bridget For dismissal Please Send her promptly”   Send Her
with their shiny hair and their beautiful laughs being around them is natural haven't i been around them all my life?   yet suddenly she is more attractive than the boy with his arm around my shoulder
i feel nothing as he puts his arm around my shoulder except for maybe discomfort   i don't understand why doesn't it make me feel excited or loved like the media says it should  
I'm at a Frat party with my girlfriend, Louise. Midterms are finally over and we needed to find a way to destress. At this point, I'm glad I came. The food tastes good, the music is great, and Louise? 
to be queer is strange, but stranger is pretending for you that i’m not.   i am not a bug to be shut in a jar and
Outcast you may call me. If that what it has to be. I will not change my ways. Because you can't accept, what is happening these days. It is not a crime for me to love.
You stayed; You left; Like allergies in the spring. After flowers came and went, so did you. The festival came too late. I didn't even get to celebrate you.   You have no idea
Inspired by How It Feels to be Colored Me by Zora Neale Hurston.
There's a dragon Living inside of my ribcage It never sleeps, not even when I do
after Marina and the Diamonds  
after Marina and the Diamonds  
Chants of slurs follow people down the streets through the halls in jobs in home. Places supposed to be sacrad and safe Turned against them.   Nobody woke up and asked to be called 'Fag'
I am only two years, seven months older two x’s don’t bother me now and they came round    this summer, remain adamant  name is going to be Aaron, one who is a mountain of strength 
shadows fading swirling pulling tugging  taking me into a world that ill never control "it's dangerous" they whisper what living?   is it dangerous because I'm different
it’s not about being sensitive it’s not about being a social justice warrior it’s not about being PC and no i’m not triggered   it’s about feeling safe it’s about feeling comfortable
When you're told the cock in your mouth makes youDirtyLewdDisgustingLike a serpent slithering into your bodyBurning your throatAnd your soul   You would feel ashamed, right?  
S*x is human nature   Confiding in s*xWhether byP*rnO*rgiesOr just having it   It's all human nature   EveryoneExcept for a small but significant sumWants s*x
I rise before the sun breaks Opening my eyes to a red horizon The dawn giving as it takes My sweet dreams from me   Blazing orange ignites inside Burning within my lungs
Teeth came in, screaming came out As a child finding my voice came with fees Every chance I got to fight I would shout My mother made me get down on my knees  
my  mother says that I came into this world Fightingfists clenched, two months too earlyborn beneath a clouded november skyon the verge ofSomething.
You’re usually not that blunt. It’s usually sewn in with threads of: motherhood, divine goal, dating advice, dances, I usually just   don’t exist.  
Humanity is blessed with a gift Of different cultures, different ideas Of uniqueness   But are we really that different, you and I? That we don't deserve all the same rights as you do?
Hey. I’m here I’m Queer, And I’ve come to say:   Sometimes I’m quiet Locked in a box, Silent with family,
when is it my body? when you’re reaping the color of my skin reducing my culture into a category that only accepts squinty eyes and figures so thin
In the quiet of my closet I speak And the words sound more like a cry for help A plea for escape Or at least for someone to turn the lights on  
The peace I will feel when,  my eyes are unable to blink,  when my legs are unable to swing. the peace I will feel when,  my hair stops growing, mouth stops smiling.  The peace, when my heart
Euphoria, the feeling a bee feels when it finds a daisy. the feeling a dog has,  when it finds a bone a bird, a seed. a lion, a zebra  me, you. 
I feel like an artist,  Desperately trying to blend, My darkened soul,  Into the rainbow that was once,  My mind. 
Your hands slowly,  Trace their way down my thigh.  Your lips, Make their way to my chest.  But what is lust,  If we don’t have love?
I stand on the edge behind you Listening to your epilogue You are one of many, not few   Another empty chasm filled I will be your witness Though I carry on, I am chilled  
We live a good life, but they do not care. We try to be kind, and yet, they do not care. To them we are cursed, our love belongs in a hearse.   The ‘welcoming’ gates of heaven lock on our arrival.
When I was a kid, I loved to write. I wrote the stars into the sky, the smile on my mother’s face. I wrote the words that my soul whispered
I like statistics and I’m relying on data, my logic is probably the lunchroom is full of a couple dozen gay kids thinking damn, I hate how everybody here is straight
today i went looking for scholarships, hoping to cash in on the wealth the media has told me will be freely granted to me  by virtue of my "queerness"-- and find myself terrifically underqualified.  
to the girl who clutches attention like a boa constrictor claims its next meal you do not get to tell me how to feel you do not get to tell me I am not valid
Flashback A scared 12 year old Alone, afraid, abstract Knowing they were  Different Than other girls   A stolen glance at school An unflattering haircut A google search for
 They buried us, But we were seeds. As they filled the world with clouds of hate, Hope poured out as rain, Time was our strength, The skies cleared out, As the sun shined bright with love,
this is what depression feels like or something else. Anxiety? My head is spinning and is thinking about things other than this world,
"Have you ever dated a girl?" He asked. I wanted to tell him that she grows flowers from her veins
Words have never sat on my tongue well Never tasted like sweet juleps in summer heat Or rolled like a Rolls Royce out of my mouth Instead caught in the cracks of the dirty pavement,
I was born, my skin all pink I grew up, and it had seeped into my heart My lungs filled with it My eyes saw with it And I was pink It overflowed into my mouth I swallowed all that pink
It's not that I don't love you. I'm just too damn scared to feel this. To feel love for someone else, when half the time I can't even love myself. So please don't take this the wrong way but you terrify me.
Her bare back moves with each breath as she sleeps into the late morning. A tattoo on her shoulder peers over the covers, as her glasses sit on the table adjacent to the bed. I want to take in all of her-
Aimy laughs each time they open their mouth and someone else’s voice comes out ‘Cause ain’t this funny Two white non-trans people walk onto a stage, reciting sermons about the dead
At age twelve, I was afraid of myself. I could not explain my soul, or even recognize it, because I was convinced it was evil. A childhood bathed in fear and anxiety, all in the name of holiness, 
Even though the topic of sex makes me feel uncomfortable, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. For years in school, they teach us about sex between a man and a woman,
I am slowly stepping instead of falling for her. I never learned how to love so instantly. This feeling is far from what I prefer.   She is like the seasons of winter and summer,
It's been a year.A year since you broke me.   It's been a year since you cut into my fleshBefore I even got the chance toAfter telling me how horrible it is.  
Jealousy appears to be the only feeling in my heart. As I watch you touch him like I would like for myself. Don't you dare love him... but who am I to say. He must feel similar to my own pain.
Don’t tell me I’m not gay. The “phases” are phrases you like to throw out When you’re angry face goes to the riots to shout. How dare you call me out on a “fault” Like there’s somebody I am going to assault.
uncomfortable hatred casual dislike heart on edge whenever the word is whispered i hear them say it in that hushed tone
I would say I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, But sometimes, it’s more like I’m stuck between a rock and the ground. I’m pinned in place, and I can’t move.
I walk this road, this road towards my truth. My truth which I have fought long and hard To find and hold onto. Always searching for myself in this shell of a body. This shell isn't me, but I've come to love it.
Something about this generation irks me. And it's how we use the word love. It's used Loosely, without passion or meaning. And I was one who did the same until I met Him.
and then I realizedhe was no longer in my worldhe was my worldif onlyi could honestlycall him m         n        i           e
I’m addicted to the way poetry feelsThe way it writesI’m addicted to the way music feelsThe way it flowsI’m addicted to the bladeThe way it cutsI’m addicted to the thought of youThe way it hurts
I was grey, Trying to be yellow, And he was yellow, Trying to be grey. He wanted nothing more Than to love And I wanted nothing more Than to die. Mixing the two of us Together
I don’t want to lose you.
Your eyes Speak more Words Than your Lips ever Could.
I love the way the Trees Break up the Sky Like the shattered glass Of our hearts.
You have My heart Too bad I don’t have Yours.
No matter how hard I try, It doesn’t make a difference. I wear masc clothing But when I run out, I’m left with femme stuff. People do double-takes When they look at me, Trying to figure out
I lie awake at night Worrying about people I wonder: Is there anyone out there Who has sleepless nights Thinking about me?
I would sleep much better If you were next to me But for now I’ll settle with being Your 1 am thoughts.
2 am And all I can think of Is the way you look at her When you lie to me And tell me you love me. Because when you flirt with me, You flirt with her, too.
It’s around 4 am And it’s not fair That I’m crying And hating myself With a stupid blade in my hands While you think thoughts And dream of her.
Your voice is the Song that repeats Every night In my head. As is your name. p    h        i           l             i               p
I hope That a day will come When I don’t have To say goodbye, Only g o o d n i g h t
It was way after 11:11, But still, I was thinking of you. Because you never Ever Ever Leave my mind.  
I saw you Tonight In the stars. Twinkling As you cry, Shining Like your eyes. You are love.
Night is my favourite. It hides the scars. It encourages you to think. It is poetry. You are my night. You are my s        a         s     t          r
The stars, They shine for you. The sun, It rises and sets for you. The moon, It joins the night for you. My smile, It flashes for you. My heart, It beats for you.
want to be the person You think of in the middle of the night When you can’t sleep Or wake up from a nightmare. I want to be the person Who the thought of Makes you feel safe.
I wish every night At 11:11 Or at the sight of a shooting star For you. For the feeling of being In your arms. What do you wish for?
Some nights, I lay awake, Thinking about how much I hate my life.   Other nights, I lay awake, Unable to control how happy I am, Smiling like a fool.   A few nights,
You’re going to break me But I’ll still love you, Anyways. This is such bullshit.
You claim you love me, But why would you, When you can have her?
One language, One phraseIs not enough. Not enough to express How I really feel About you. Te amo,Je t’aime,Aishiteru. Ek het jou life,Jeg elsker dig,Minä rakastan sinua.
I fell in love With all of the pieces Of you that you don’t like About yourself.
You’re a dork. Nerd chic and cute. You make me feel worthwhile. I am a guy when I’m with you. When you mess up my pronouns, you feel bad. You feel bad when you’re an ass to my friends.
I feel so hard for you I shattered Like a fallen glass.
You are the sun And I am the moon.   You are the stars And I am the cloudless night.   You are the air And I am the lungs.   You are the snow And I am the rain.  
Yes Or No?   Which will it be? I think you can handle Figuring out what I’m asking.   I think you know. Because you asked me this question But I didn’t know  
When you look at me, Your eyes turn the most amazing colour. They become   The most shocking shade Of green. They go from   Mostly brown To mostly green. How can  
You. You make me feel secure In who I am.   You have never teased me Have never been rude About my identity.   You say you’re bi Put I’m trans. Maybe I’m just an exception?
A shiny, new, bustling city.Full of people.Each with ideas.Each with thoughts.Each with emotions.  But then It starts. 
To fall in love.To give your heart away.To share your passionsWith another All of these things are fantasies.Fantasies that are rapturous cords.Linked around my heart.How I have dreamed of sharing the jewels of my heart.With someone like me.Going
My generation is broken by the lack of respect. And yet are told to respect our elders. How am I to love someone if I am not loved back. Is that what you try to teach us?
I am an impressive liar I lie everyday to everyone and everything I can even convince myself of some of my lies   These lies are pretty convincing and have made me tell much more
How is it Gods will to call a kid disgusting Just for who he loves   You tell us we are sick And that we need special help though you have no doctor's degree   You tell us how to love
When I was a little girl I was told to be a princess I was told to fix my hair Paint my nails and wear fancy shoes I tried to like what I was told to do And strained my face and pulled my hair
There is a facade, a thing you don't see But here we're all stuck on "he" or "she" And forget there is more than that to me.  
You are a painter who paints in my mind you show me the world I wish I could find A world where I’m happy with you by my side a world where our love has no reason to hide.  
we're all human  no matter what religion we follow or dont follow   we're all human  no matter what culture we belong to we're all human  no matter what ethnicity we are we're all human
today i smile because      for years  i have denied who  i am today i smile because  i was scared to come out today i smile because  i was too proud to admit mom was right today i smile because
to the men who blessed me with civil rights- I remember the day June 26, 2015. held a friend close and celebrated legalized love.  
i know you're just a girl but still i feel like you put me through the wringer, twisted up my body till i was nothing but wet eyes.
Dear Dad, You have missed a lot. You missed me growing into a man. You are who you were not.   You missed me finally being happy.
  last summer, the slant of sun scorching the sky an orthodox jewish man i can’t say his name stabs six people at jerusalem pride parade  
to my dearest, i remember seeing you for the first time i remember falling for you for the first time it was like jumping off of a cliff & not worrying about the fall
For those who told me I was weak, I'm afraid to say, you're wrong. My mind,  my body, my voice, they are not weak because you don't understand them. They are like a delicate ghost,
To you, the struggling rainbow after each dark storm. To you, my gorgeous warrior, my faithful sun. Do not stop fighting, but if you must, do not let yourself be silenced.
I couldn't save you, My friend. Whose smile was big and great, your eyes peeking out over the moutain of cheek. Your short hair that you tried so desperatly to grow out.  
Aphrodite   Goddess Aphrodite, I know you don’t have all the answers but I have a question as to whether or not it is acceptable to change myself to find love. 
Definitions Faggot Noun A bundle of sticks or twigs bound together as fuel. Noun   American, informal,  offensive.
my dora,   i wish i could tell you i didn’t care that you were just some sweet girl i knew some sweet summer who kissed me too fast like you knew  time was  runningout
Dear Fate, Since the day I was born exposed to the empty canvas called life, that I was never in control of, we’ve been playing each other. Locked in a stalemate. I play as the mighty king;
Dear Father   I don’t call you “Dad”   Because I don’t feel you know me   The thought of opening up to you makes me want to flea  
Dear future, love my past:  
Dear Fear, I think I'm in love with you. Crazy, I know- but I think this confession is a little overdue, don't you? After all, we've been together for years. As long as I can remember.
Love is love.It cannot be contained;Love is love.It has no boundaries, no laws;That the government tries to press on us;No social constraints;That others turn their backs at lost causes;
Dear Catty, Sometimes I'm still scared Terrified Horified I don't remember because I repressed all the memories, here is what I remember.
  hot cocoa lining our lips giggles abundant   huddled together alongside the fire while i steal longing glances at you
Dear Kolby, I can't recall my life was like before I met you, Are smile brightens even the darkest sky, Your heart makes the entire universe seem small, Your honesty is a breath of fresh air in a world so cold,
Dear Mom and Dad,  Wish you knew how bad it hurts to keep something like this from you.  Wish you felt how I felt, the way my heart drops whenever you make a negative comment about someone just because of who they love.
August 23, 2017   Dear Mom, Please read this entire letter through and don't skip around; read this before opening the email I sent you. Please keep an open mind. I love you!
Terrible. Tasteless. Taboo.   All are words to describe, What I long for.   It doesn't hurt me, It doesn't hurt you, So why does it matter?   Terrific.
Dear Romance, People are talking about us. They ask why I don't like you. But really, it's not you, it's me.
to you,   there’s so much i haven’t said. i’m sorry. it seems that the miscommunication between us is enough to reach to the bottoms of oceans and to the tops of skies and then some.
dear my love,   everytime we are apart i wish to relocate closer to your heart.   i love you so very much and i tell you this everyday. still, one day i wish to hold you closer
Calming innocence, brought by the tide, born from the sea’s foam.   Breathing. Wandering. Befriending the rain.  
She sees her. A woman. Her. Not just "her", but HER. She who can be seen in the future: signing a morgage and hopefully raising a kid or two. Her brown reflect an inner purity like no other.
You're so goddamn beautiful, you gorgeous black goddess. I done found myself in a situation with infatuation, this unbearable desire that I have, I can't help but wonder. Its certain things that you do, that drive me wild.
Dear Deniha, 
Welcome to the Closet. Here you will discover the many wonderful things I cherish.   On multicolored hangers, an array of shirts and dresses are organized by clothing type.
Hi, my name is Kai and I am gender-fluid. Well, that's not what my birth certificate says But it's who I am nowadays. I enjoy living in my own fantasies. A place in my mind where I can be anything.
Why don't they just shut up? They don't know a single thing. They have no clue they are my problem. I want to stay away from every single one of them. I don't care if they are "family"
Dear my dysphoria, You may seem invisible to the rest of the world, but I see you. You’re always there in the corner of my mind. On good days, you stick to yourself, just staring me down.
I am from Fullerton A place where railroad tracks met orange groves Where my childhood met reality I am from the city But not like, tall buildings and smog
Dear Ethan,  When we met I have already held your body I have already kissed your lips You were once my Ava I loved you so much  I still took you as Ethan They weren't the same person
I was almost seven when my family lost our house and we were forced to move to a new town into another home, miles away from the one I was in since birth.
Dear future girlfriend: I’ll tell you this now. I’m a hopeless romantic. Emphasis on the hopeless. I live for attention and validation,
“Obscene and insulting to this practice,” they scream holding large signs from the roadside “How dare you condone this sin with such pride?”
You are my rock. When I need you, you're always there. You are like a blanket from my childhood. When I need your comfort you are there to wrap around me. You are like the ocean.
 Her fingertips like magic, Sending sparks through my body. I close my eyes and imagine my hair wrapped around her fingers,
Sixteen — sitting on the carpet — The middle of this life of mine. Sick to my stomach — out of place: Surrounded by things serpentine.
The first time you found me, I was a little girl. You told me I could trust you and then you turned around and ruined me.  
It’s not okay You know, it’s just not It’s not okay that I can’t just be me You say that me is all I can be But, then, tell me why I can’t be me when I’m with thee.
The elementary express These are five slow-paced most relaxing years Of a little boy’s bright and early life Where he was cultured through the presence of affection  
The cool wind subsides and a warm light filters into the room. My body melts into my bed and I bring myself to consciousness. They are also just now waking, and squirming under the covers.
I look around and see that Everyone's out and proud. They're championing each other In this colorful festival that I never really understood But have always admired. I'm locked in a tiny closet
This is ridiculous What is ridiculous? This poetry thing. The one you told me about? Yeah. That one. What's wrong with it? It just isn't enough. What isn't enough? The whole thing.
"Sweet Mother I cannot weave Slender Aphrodite has overcome me with longing for a girl." Sweet Sappho I cannot despair This Girl has held my hand through the darkest of tunnels.
She walks with confidence, Her heels clicking with each step, She blows a bubble as pink as her lips, Her petticoat swishing side to side,
How she hated that color, It made her ill, it made her sick, The color of candy corn, pumpkin guts, and unnatural cheese,
My heart strings are reminiscent of black coffee and honey bees But paradise masks the past Salty foreign breezes knock me down Then build me a home out of sand and sativa
Are you willing to wait for me? I don’t know if it’s right to abuse you like this   This is my fault Retching at pictures at everything you do the moment we kiss
To live and breathe As queer and Samoan- Is to walk a hundred tight ropes- Only to fall, And land on another tightrope On another tightrope On another tightrope On another tightrope
Look, I am not a rapper, But I could rattle off a million rhymes about the way you look tonight, The way your "messy" hair hugs your face as I would love to with my hands,
The world doesn't understand our love. It cannot comprehend the myriad of emotions you make me feel. They do not see us the way we do, Only seeing us as two females in a heteronormative society.
Do not judge me. Do not judge me by my skin. Do not judge me by my eyes. For I let those words sink in,  those painful lies.   Do not judge me by my clothes. Do not judge me by my ability.
  Looking into blue eyes Two guys, one love, nothing to hide Starry nights, clear skies, stars aligned Adventures to live for, hands held combined
Our love is not normal, I've been told it's insane. But no matter how different we are, She's always on my brain.   Her eyes tell a story, Her lips soft and sweet. Her smile is contagious,
Because you love me You would answer every shaky breath of mine with "are you okay?" Because I love you I kissed away your tears and held you so tightly Because you love me
Thank you When we first started you saved me from them their name still suffocates me like an allergy that i know i can not avoid your name is like the relieving breath i take
Then she came home. She came home, she saw the bruises on my arms. She came home and cayght every flinch, every inflection of my voice. Every time I apologized, she caught it.  
stop referring to my body as a temple because temples get desecrated and stolen from and i  can’t lose anymore of myself.  my roots are still reaching out to take back the things you’ve stolen from me.
Her fingers run through my head as we lay in bed Braids make their way from her hands to my hair Even though it is too short for them to stay  
I fall in love with the way people live The way people are Their eyes and how they crinkle when they laugh The way their hair falls in just the right place The feeling of their arms around you
They say that love always wins, but sometimes I can't be sure. I want to believe the world can be a safe place for me,  but when I'm downtown for open mic, it's always: Check your skirt length.
It starts with an inkling A whisper of a secret that turns into a shout in your brain As the voice learns how vocal chords work better together Even when they are all raw from restraining 
My family is constantly asking, How many girls, And how many boys, I plan on having when I’m older and married.
for Sofia   Last night you came over Slept over On a school night The next morning We walked in hand in hand And I got looks from my friends
I was wandering alone Weak, wobbly, withering I was surrounded by blankness Bleak, black barren - You found me Fateful, faithful You pulled me up Peaceful, patient -
my love for you is beautiful and lyrical and poetic, it is pure and it is natural - it is good and it is real - 
Because I love you...   I'll support your decisions, Stand by you during your transitions,   Be on your side in the hardest times, Give you hugs even when midnight chimes,  
You don't need to do this, she said No, it’s fine! I replied. I want to, I said Because I love you, I thought.   You don’t have to if it’s too much trouble, he said
Before playing hide and seek We took a flash photograph in deep dusk The two of us, arms wrapped around each other Beaming as her sister snapped the shutter.   Returning to our campfire
afraid but alive pink bleeds into my 5:45 AM sky, purple bruise on a shredded knee high, black & blues are haunting you, but this pain is the only thing that's keeping me alive. 
Ever since New York I tried to change my mind pushed away these little things and these little white lies. I was only 18 surrounded by fool's gold. I had no control as these fire proof clouds
Snow White lived with many dwarves  she loved them and she met her prince,  but how do we know she was happy there? maybe the mirror called her ugly because she wasn't like the rest
Snow White lived with many dwarves  she loved them and she met her prince,  but how do we know she was happy there? maybe the mirror called her ugly because she wasn't like the rest
Oh, they say there is a beast,  who lives up the way. In a house three stories tall, and soon to crumble any day.   But I've seen whose song haunts the halls,
Once upon a time  there was a princess in distress  living way up high in a fortress she cried out each day  the birds just flew away  when a princess came walkin by 
Once upon a time  there was a princess in distress  living way up high in a fortress she cried out each day  the birds just flew away  when a princess came walkin by 
Live in a world where religion is a parody of its own meaning.Where true love is called perversion,And a preference is classified as a sickness.Where our young are nothing but impressionable
She said, "I hate my own skin." With so much certainty, That I couldn't help but frown. "Why?" I asked. "It's imperfect," she clarified. "It's scarred, blemished, and, worst of all, It's full of moles." 
I extracted myself from my family…...from my friends. I calmly plucked away, little by little, my involvement, my presence… existence. To no apparent end my soul grew darker than the pits of hell.
it’s how you take my heart wringing it out twisting and rearranging and i start to search for a prince in you all over again  
The shoe didn’t fit.   The disappointed woman trudged away, sulking, and disappearing into the circle of curious townsfolk
13   She should’ve chosen me. Instead, I watch closely to the boy, the wasn’t  me. I wish I could be a He. I wish she would like a She.  
Golden hair miles wide Inside the tower she would hide A maiden oh so fair Such beautiful flowing hair   Far and wide  Princes ride On a quest To steal the heart of the tower's princess
Everyone knows the story of The Little Mermaid right? Young mermaid falls in love with a dashing prince at sea and marries him and they live happily ever after? Wrong. Ariel was not interested in Prince Eric at all,
This deep pit of a heart Was soon filled with your love and affection.
My princess she lived in a tower Her beautiful long hair full of flowers I had loved her since I first had met her She was mine and I was hers Our love was unconditional Though it was un-traditional
Rapunzel rolled her eyes and brushed her hair Annoyed by the chants that she was 'his type', wonderful, and fair. She wasn't a fool for alluring words made to flatter,
You want me to cry, to falter and give in. You desire my weakness and lack of fortitude. For prey that is weak, it is simple; for prey that is strong, it is adamant and callous.  
Girls like her were landmines. She was so beautiful, yet so dangerous to look at Like an eclipse, if you stared too long she'd ruin your eyes. If I stared too long someone would notice
There once was a girl in a tower. Her name was Rapunzel. She dreamed of the day, She dreamed of how, Someone would take her away.
People say I'm not valid, people say I should choose, they don't understand though I love people not genders.   People say I'm dramatic, people say I'm just scared, they don't understand though
All humans are born free and equal yet it never seems that way, Hateful words of society corrupt people from day to day “Dress how you’d like your body is great!”
Classic fairytales are like garbage   They reek of rotten apples   Pungently infiltrating the nostrils  
Dearest Lover, You are not under my covers.   Where are you, my Love? I was promised I would find my dove.  
Labels. They can make you feel like you’re soaring above the clouds, Surrounded by birds of feather, whom together they flock, The breeze whisking through your plumage,
six letters. one word.   Faggot. two syllables that make any queer kid in-or-out of the closet feel nothing less than unwanted unloved
The United States of America To some a haven of privilege And others a hell of prejudice There’s a system in place A list stating
"America the Brave," they say... The beautiful, the free? Here are some words DIRECTLY from me. You call all this judgement beautiful? You think it makes us free? 
I will protest againt this insanity Speak up without enmity Even when they set their dogs loose Because I won't tolerate this abuse And we're not backing down I refuse to be led by a clown
Mr. Reagan, you've slaughtered a generation, one of pure Imagination , and disseminated false information.   Because of that they were not bothered. Darling souls left un-mothered,
O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain   The chorus rings in my living room as we sing, My father clumsily playing the piano And my brother and I singing off-key.
"The Land of the Free" Was written by White  men As they fearlessly planted their feet on the black and brown bodies they burnt and bled to get there And did not stop to smell the irony
Land of the free. Land of poverty. In this country you’re judged on sexuality, and ethnicity. In actuality, we shouldn’t be a theocracy. We got legality that we can believe,
When I called her beautiful, I didn't just say it. I let it flow from every pore in my skin, every square inch of soul.  The word flowed swiftly over my lips like a waterfall, 
We are America... the land of the free, the home of the brave, yet we stll have many crises pertaining to inequality, poverty, Geneaolgy, social class, economic wealth and generosity.
When was the last time a young girl wasn’t dress-coded or sexualized just because it was 85 degrees outside? When was the last time an immigrant earned enough money from one job to support their family?
Agape, i'm sorry  i didn't understand  that when God said, "love everyone"  he meant even when a man loves a man.  Agape, I'm sorry  i didn't comprehend  i believed what others told me..
Can someone explain this conundrum to me? 
Our core beliefs Which were once priorities Have come to change towards minorities The greatest weapon is compliance Yet that is the same thing that brings sirens We are picked off one by one 
Oh, can you see? The protestors in the early light So proudly we march To regain our stolen rights   Rainbow stripes and loud cries Break the silence of the day Throughout the world we marched
bittersweet is a girl with two left feet somehow wanting to dance into my life and making me feel again   bittersweet
We wove a tapestry together and I thought it was beautiful We were in the center and we were holding hands and all was good. It wasn’t until after you left that I realised that
Land of the Free As a whole, we have never been free. The only people who are free happen to be white. Minorities have been treated like animals and unwanted vistors, To a country they were born in.
what does unconditional mean, really? is unconditional love loving someone with disregard for those qualities they don’t like?
They love you for who you are, but sometimes words, they leave a scar. A scar so deep, you question who you are. like you've been hit by a car, over and over, and, you're the owner of the car, moving slower, slower.
Sometimes you look at me as though i’ve never kissed a girl before. I cannot tell if it is pity or love which causes you to fret over my virgin lips.
The land of the free, home of the brave. Oh what a shiny title that is.  
I am a lesbian. I am a human. I am alive. I have feelings. I do not hate men. Men have not hurt me. It's not a phase. I can fall in love.
 it’s not easy to explain, or maybe it’s easy But i just don’t know the right words or maybe i have the right words
2016 was my year of discovery and it wasn't just discovering friends or anything superficial like that not to say that friends are superficial but anyways 2016 was the year i started discovering
At the thought of desirethe oceans cry.They break over islands between lovers,a continent once one body.But the rip currents are jealousbecause we don't long for the pull of the sea anymore.
In light of events, I'd just like to say how lucky we are to be here today.   
I sowed tolerance and kindness Into crimson earth Noble seeds nurtured by quiet altruism, Blessed by a watchful God.   I reaped denial and illusion Saw a heart too tolerant
Love is such a broad term   Heart ache Heart break Heartburn   So many of the people in this world are filled with love,
I remember the colour of her eyes Staring up with me with more heat than that Summer day. All the fire, All the passion, All the greens and browns and golds.
Police brutality is a controversial issue that has been growing in significance in the United States.
They have a diagnosis for it all.In a hospital, breathing runs you 300 dollars and it’s not complete without the insurance telling you it’s your problem, not theirs-
Dear Julia, There are times I see the ghost of you haunting the places we used to visit.
When you finally get to unwrap the dressings bound around your chest, Try not to consider this as your first day living as a man.You have always been man.
When people grow old They can easily identify a period of their lives Where growth came easy, where smiles were abundant
Straight lines, straight letters, straight figures- how uptight. Curved symbols, curved numbers, curved people- now that's not right.  I'm a straight line, or a curved number, maybe just bent? The realization, the notification, the mental places I
Getting misgendered Feels like someone has poured acid in my heart. It feels like someone decided to reach into my chest and pinch a bit of my muscle off for themselves. I feel lonely, unreal
  My name is Perplexed. Trapped in the past, Trapped in the present, Never see the future. My name is Perplexed.   Perplexed, All I understand. As love is between
How do I even explain how I feel? The butterflies, the nervousness, and all other clichés . You understand me and how my crazy mind works.
I am different. I am not ashamed. Head held high, averting their eyes. What is it that you see? Do you see disappointment when you see me? Her arms were warm, her eyes warmer.
I wish you talked about me the way you talk about him. You float through thoughts of him while I drown in thoughts of you. Your aching lungs are full again and you swear you found your breath
When I was five my cousin stripped the clothes from my body. He put his hands on my skin, hands everywhere. When I was five I repressed it.   When I was ten or eleven
No one told me that I would suffer for the muse.   I wake up; I think of her. I write; I think of her. I eat, drink, sleep; I think of her.   She never thinks of me.
You were never mine but I wanted you.   I wanted with every bruised limb of my body every crack in my faulty brain every beat of my cold heart. I have never wanted anything more than you.
I cannot write if it's not about you. I cannot think of anything but you. I cannot sleep without dreaming of you. I miss you.   The black void yawns before me. I go to it, arms open
I would carry the weight of the world for you if I could like Atlas.   My spine is weak and slumped under my own weight but I promise I won't let you down.  
Muses are supposed to be: soft, loving; passionate, burning;   But you are: lost, looking.   Your eyes are wide open, always searching; you see everything, but find nothing.
The only dreams I remember are the ones where we're together.   laughter soft smiles skin on skin loose lips clashing teeth twisting tongues hand in hand  
You are a nuclear weapon with the power to  decimate, end the world, end my world.   I would let you, but I hope we can make peace; sign a treaty to protect our hearts,
Dear Mack, Yes,that’s you.I knowyou stillgo by Lauren.Trust me,you’ll adjustto it.  I know it’s weird;me writing to you.It’s all I couldthink to do. I just wantto help. I know it’s hard.Everything, I mean.
I need a place A safe place A silent place A peaceful place  A building where I can march up to a urinal and piss like nobody's watching
let me be clear, i am not trying to be political, i am only trying to exist.    
What makes me smile one day I'll talk and I won't be afraid I won't be in my sad daze I'll have broad shoulders I'll have a deep voice I won't be this sad excuse for a boy I'll be handsome
"God loves us all"  Such a stir these words cause, as the blood of angels fall Stating these four words simply does not solve what ails us all  The hate for those different from us will surely be the end 
I'm sorry I'm sorry this happened I'm sorry the world isn't what we had hoped for I'm sorry that you are scared every day I'm sorry that you fear for your life I'm sorry people like that exist
Stonewall is the starting point we see, the first to proclaim with upmost honesty that our hearts aren't constrained by what you have between your feet it's merely the fear of something you don't know commonly
there is no greater feeling than to have you in my life my shining star my thoughtful moon you are the reason why i am 16 you are the reason why i have survived you are the reason i wake up each day
Why does it offend you?   Why do we offend you?   Why do I offend you?   Why does Love, offend you?  
The boys say I'm not one of them, The girls say I can't come in, The gays say I don't belong, The rest say this is just wrong, Where do I fit in? My friend likes pink so he wears it,
tied up gagged and beaten  you grab the can of gasoline  even as you walk towards me with death by your side you're so beautiful the malice in your eyes softens  your rose petal lips part
Breathe with me Let us share the very thing that keeps us alive Be my oxygen Intoxicate my being with your essence Let me wander through you like a lost child Take my hand Guide me
I'm a girl, such a pearl, Call me 'nice tits", I think I might hurl. I'm blonde so I'm dumb not really, just numb I have all A's, i must be a teacher's pet I study under my parent's threat  Never had a boyfriend, prude as can be I've had girlfrien
"Don't be your father." Don't give up when they need you. Don't go back on your word. Make it through. Find a way.   "Don't be your mother." Don't leave them all alone.
They don't matter. This is said in multitudes falling from lips of loved ones as easy as breathing... But my lungs don't take in oxygen well. They don't matter, stated as if scientific law.
these two situations are not ideal in combination: being thirteen, and realizing that gay is a synonym for your name.  but that was my summer before eighth grade.
Orlando. <br/>Another name now shorthand for tragedy.<br/>Another line drawn in time, <br/>A before and after, <br/>Things will never be the same.<br/>Another mass shooting.
It's hard being in a closet.The hangers hit your head and you can't see past whatever clothes you have.But I think it's even harder being in THE closet.
49 colorful souls un-willingly sentenced to a dark abyss ...        or possibly an eternity on cloud nine? Shots ringing...       The immense fear of what might...   Rewind...
Bullets pierce the LGBTQ community  daily.   We saw the life stealing bullets in Orlando, but we forgot the spirit breaking bullets in our words.   My parents taught me about their lives.
I can’t believe I was starting to think that I might be comfortable in my own skin that the spinning of the world might be tipping upright again and the breeze might soon smell sweet and welcoming.  
It never hurt to be queer until you made it burn like a brand on my skin in that bar.   When you let bullets loose like kisses on bare skin onto  the bodies of those who I will
my father tells me to be quieter as i’m washing the dishesso he can hear the news,hear about the 102 people shot in orlando last weekendand the candlelight vigil i didn’t attend because i had to work
In this world that we live in, we’re all God’s children But how does it make sense that somehow I’m the exception I’m unique, I’m me, I’m one in a million
They walk and talk like they really know mebut I'm not just some random bodyI don't need them to dictate what I can and cannot do  
I sit in the buckle of the bible belt Fighting to merely exist As white men in stiff suits With smiles that never reach their eyes Sit in a room in DC
Anxiety and me Go hand in hand with my sexuality and me I am not straight  And I am not gay I am somewhere in the in-between
My heart bleeds pink for the sexuality that the news reporters shove back into the closet. My heart bleeds red for the lives lost. My heart bleeds orange for the hope that the families would heal.
When a blissful journey striked into flames Your love remained the same  From that dark night walking in shame ,  fear , & pain 
We are not any different from them or from you Though the colors on our flag are red, white, and blue Our own symbolization of freedom is a bright rainbow hue.   Love is the strongest power that nobody can dictate
Sexuality is a complex concept.   If I got specific about my sexual and romantic orientation, The most accurate way to describe my preferences would be:  
His lips hit mine Gently. His tongue makes its way between my lips Gently. His hands caress my head Gently.   And I welcome it. All of it.   But I don't love him,
Loving her is like loving the stars Cold Lonely But so very beautiful.
I'm afraid.   I'm afraid of love Of happiness Of how much they cost. What do I have to lose  To gain.   I'm afraid of you the most. I'm afraid of how I notice you.  
There’s never been a way out of it, these gender roles, these confinements, these chains you put on me weighing me down. It’s either pink or blue, black white, rich poor, minority majority.
My breasts are a burden To myself and sadly society. My breasts are a burden Because when I wake up in the morning they get in the way of me seeing my feet. My breasts are a burden
girl is sensual,girl likes sitting on a washing machinewith her mascara mouth openchanting something she learned in a pop song.  
to sin with love is to quite simply love, to judge someone's love is like judging art. you may not like the sight or even see the point but to others it may feel just right.
The heart behind his false chest The voice so weak from shaking breaths The blood so damn unnecessary The mirror lies. His body's scary. She is a stranger. A ghost. A monster.
What the fuck am I A girl or a guy Why can't I decide On which side I lie I dream of removing my breasts Shaving my head Having muscles cut out of marble I want to scream
Love is love, but we frown upon certain kinds. I remember when I was scared to let the world knowthe kind of love that I like. Hiding a relationship...Four years to be exact. Hurting myself and my partner.
To those ready to leave, your coats are being washed It seems something's spilled on them and now you have to stay At least until I'm finished saying what I need to say
The ever clever fox is so swift  Little did she know, she has a gift  With a flick of her tail  She’ll never fail  But the ever clever fox  Is about to go through hail    You see… 
  To Aliza Le   I remember, sister-- The boys who used to pick at my sexuality like daisies
I've spent a lifetime in this room.Certain sources of light.Various lamps have come and gone,all lasting different times.Wherever they have been placedin the dark box that is my room,
In a world that cannot see me, A place forming thick, straight, immalleable lines on a meaningless mission, Refusing to deviate from their exhausting path. A place that encourages me to conceal,
If I had the chance to be alone for the rest of my life, I would not take it. My heart is infused with another, and it beats for two.   Two does not mean infant, baby, embryo; Two means
You’re not like me, they say. They’re right you know; I’m not like them, not like them at all; but they are unaware,
"Wow, that's pretty brave. Chancing on your mom walking in On you shoving a dildo Into your girlfriend."   The alarm screaming, burning eyes After not once allowing my brain to dip into sleep
I called you friend. Played XBox and swam in crystal blue pools, we laughed as we splashed We beat summer time heat with movies and card games and cheese quesadillas. I told you about the loneliness I felt
My friends try to set me up many boys And when they do I feel torn inside Wishing desperatly that they knew the truth I don't like boys, they aren't my type   I like girls with long legs and pretty smiles
i've drawn one thousand girls and they all look like you. like maybe if  it wasn't for the world they'd want  to live. like maybe if life was worth living they'd want to  breathe.
The Unforgotten Canvas Hates Me The Most By: Imani Williams   Part I. The Unforgotten   When I was young, I believed in a certain superstition,
i don't think i'll ever forgethow your hands felt on my neckin the backseat of our best friend's car.                                                                 youtraced lines of poetry down my spinewith hands covered in glitter and
i'm in love with the way her hands feel on me the softest touch, strongest hold, and i never want to let go   i need her smile and her laugh which light me up 
Sinking deeper into my own feelings of concealment, / It's so much easier to tell a lie that you believe.
Looking for that one.   I have this feeling. Its not the one of healing. Searing pain in my heart. I need a restart.
doesn't play sports well more comfortable with Barbie punch him in the throat
made for mama's hands yes. i can fit mine in though an 80s selfie
Lesbians! old women holding hands little girls with crushes on princesses abusers abusees not a just a porn category more  so much more Gay! black boys brown boys
Once- the kiss was okay, We had just come back from the fair and I couldn’t resist his blue eyes, Smirking grin staring like me like we were about to explore a whole new chapter
Perhaps she was too good to be real Left to tempt But never to materialize. All good things are temporary, All but the stars. Even when the moon disappears Those twinkling orbs glow on,
It is not the ocean I see in her eyes, But the radiant Moon, The contellations that define our galaxy, And the Sun we endlessly revolve around. She is infinite, Lost in herself as I long to be.
All I need is a chance to be heard and understood, Not to be the mistake child who everyone talks about. Not to be making six-digits and have nothing to spend it on. Not to be living your dreams for you.
Maybe she likes sports Maybe he likes ballet  Maybe she's a he Maybe he's a she Maybe she likes girls Maybe he likes boys  We must be treated equal We are humans, not cookie cutter toys  
When America has fallen one day, When we are at out lowest I hope and pray a hero emerges To take it on with courage. I hope someone who cares a lot Unties our broken, twisted knot
The color of one’s skin Is not where they begin There should be no racism We’re all human   A gender is a gender
"You're going to Hell""God doesn't love you, he hates you""You're sinning"Well,At least my sinsAre not against anyone elseNot even myself. There is no needTo disrespect One another
We don't know why we're here So confused, we may want to leave All these trans folks gettin' killed here almost daily We're just trying to fit in, but instead become a pet peeve
Desire thrives best under pressure. Examine, for instance, the fragmented poetry of Sappho: for how many years did those tattered scraps of Papyrus survive?
  Every time someone would ask me my sexuality, I would feel the words get caught in my throat And I’d try my hardest not to swallow them down.
She and She   She and she Gently dream Of sun and peace Upon a different world So they pretend. Morning and night always turn around
Not everyone understands What it's like to be… How to put it… Different? And I'm not talking about That circle peg square hole bullshit I'm talking about The open chest cavity feeling
Just another kid right? I just don’t understand what adolescence has to do with intelligence, because I’m talking to adult minds and I can’t believe there level of negligence.
If I was stranded on a deserted island, what would I take with me? I should probably choose something practical, water or fire. Some food or maybe something to create a shelter.
With them Problems are laced into me Like a greedy dog’s drugs in a poor girl’s drink People have taken advantage of me Violated me
I am trapped in a cage!A cage of my own skin wrapped around me.And it is inescapableLike metal prison bars around my soul.I've tried to cut my way through,Burn my way out,But nothing can change this hellish skin.Going through life,Going to school,
With the slight touch of my fingers on the delicate surface of your skin Your eyes will shine and your mouth will let sweet laughs escape And when our lips meet Fire will spark where the cold once was
she was a record a quote drafted by our daily lives and i was not aware she was drunk on a small girl
This skin does not belong to me it is merely borrowed.  A place in which I only temporarily reside.  My skin is not yet finished.  My time has not yet come.  But it will. 
I fell in love with the way she discarded half of the world but cared for the other half I fell in love with her cold hands and the shivers they sent through my body I fell in love with her gentle laugh and her dark jokes
She was a cloudy day, threatening to drizzle. Afraid. He is a thunderstorm, begging to be seen. God.
I knew a girl who got her hair set on fire Her things stolen, ruined because, a girl, she desired "Kill yourself, fag." But is being gay so wrong? Well, she listened to them and now she is gone.  
1. You came into my life like a hurricane. I didn’t think I needed to evacuate, but you left nothing but floodwaters in your wake. We barely spoke afterward except to act like it never happened.
  Pull heartstrings while you pull Hamstrings, Make me feel your presence in it's entirety.   Lungs aren't full enough for you to linger this long, but I don't care if you don't, and
You and I are impossible to understand, far from tangible sight and inconceivable to ancient astronomers.  
They say that I am lost They say it is confusion  They say I need God 'Cause I'm living a delusion    They say one man, one woman  For that's what God intended  I'll burn in hell for this 
I am Different. I walk to the beat of my own drum Because… I refuse to let society attach strings to my flesh I’m nobody’s puppet
Maybe I'm unlucky Maybe I'm dumb Maybe I'm second  Maybe she's the one Maybe I Lie Maybe it's not love Maybe is too much Maybe I have some other things to think of.
​Your body is my safe haven.
Nicholas I am proud, but I am self conscious  I am flamboyant, but I am anxious Uncle of Davion and D’Andre, two unknowing souls Lover of arts, nature, and free spirited ones
Dear Mom and Dad,
people with depression aren't lazy people with anxiety aren't rude people with mental illness aren't crazy people with suicidal thoughts are boo'd it's like i can't get through with a fucker like you!
"There's something bad about her. There's something not quite." I heard a father say to a little boy one night.
I am addicted to her inner galaxy. I want nothing more than to float in her milky way, Picking planets like peaches and tasting her. She told me it was alright to engulf her beautiful reality in mine.
So, I poem about me? Well, Me isn't the me you see. At least on the outside,that is.   Have you ever looked into the mirror and seen something you're not?
She is the strangest sort of beautiful. The oddest breeze of fresh air.
  So imagine theres a girl, and maybe another girl, and even more maybe, something like a monster inbetween them.    Which one are you?  
I am feeling like white space. Like empty jars.
They say that its wrong To love another woman To kiss her To hold her as if i were a man They say that's its wrong To call myself "gay" To dress like a boy To prefer hats and haircuts
How beautiful to see A smile with no teeth Laughter from the trees Gentle chickadee
I exist in the moment between dawn and dusk   Whispers of romance between lovers lips
Tiny fingers trace faded ink in dusty books. unaware what they will grow to touch, to only dream of being this unknowing again, paper white on paper white.    Awesome: 
I am a girl. I am not a cook. I am pansexual. I am not confused.
There is a little girl in the universe right now who is learning to not speak.            
When we are out in public, they stare When we at home it feels normal Being together is arousing But not in a sexual content But in a mental, spiritual, and emotional one Even she looks at me I glow
The Old Masters paint ladies with rough horsehair brushes and treat them with noxious turpentine.
I am here to represent all thos
Seeing their child hanging from handle bars is every parent's dream, but seeing them hanging by a noose is the fate that I deem will happen to those whose dream is to be set free.
Who am I?
Cool breezy autumns spent resting on park benches
She paints me in kisses Starting from the tip of my nose 
I've known I like boys and girls
Why'd you care if he/she had short of long hair?
It's not my right to judge, Its not my right to judge someone's sexual preference
You are either a girl or a boy, and that's it, right?You can be one or the other, not both and not neither.That's what I've been told, and I try to believe it with all my might,But I know how I feel, you don't.
I am human, Just like you. You can gawk and whisper And I don't care. For I am human, Just like you.  You can taunt me And hit me. I don't care!  I may be gay,
We walked down the street, but
someone asked me the other day when i told them i was gay if i could really truly prove it and i knew, that i could do it   i know from the way i describe the way her hips swing from side
It started with a book All good things start with a book   I read the story that changed my way of thinking   The way we are sheilded In this "accepting" society.
Ma'am, lady, wife, female. All those names yet none apply. Daughter, niece, miss, girl. When i hear them, I just want to hurl. Woman, actress, madam, sister. All I wish to be
Parents can’t always see the signs When I was five I liked my hair long and dresses and pink That didn’t make me immune To how beautiful I thought The little dark-haired girl
You buy your baby Blue onesies, racecars, and little footballs When your baby’s hair gets to his shoulders You cut it short And say how handsome he looks You love your baby boy
I don't see her like you do I don't take in to count the size of her breasts or if she has breasts at all I don't take in to count how short or how long her hair is or if she has hair at all I don't take in to count
it seems you forgot something on your way out this morning here you go you forgot to hate yourself today that's okay someone will remind you they always do there will always be someone to remind you
when i was eleven i described something as being “so gay” and my mother told me never to use gay as an insult because i had two godfathers and they were in love with each other
I construct stories and lies in my head, Am I an actress or a liar? Telling people lies with so much belief that I begin to believe them myself. I'm a liar with dramatic emotions,
I’m different. I’m not like you. I have ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression. Just because my brain works differently, I will never think the way you do.
I did not place these thoughts in my head Or these feelings in my heart So where did they come from? AM I predisposed to being a disappointment? Can I keep it at a distance,
My life has never been perfect but what is perfection?   Is perfection when you're always happy
I was not beautiful. I am not beautiful. I will never be beautiful. But I could be thin. It began as a whisper It grew louder, it spoke to me Until every day it was a Screaming in my ear,
A Message    
While the world splits meAnd everythingIn twos,The only option that fits meI'm not allowed to choose.When I tuck up my hairIt's not to impress you.So don't tell me what I should wear.
I went to school again today
She perches herself in front of her mirrorResting on a peach vanity stoolBlack lace accentuaes her curvatureShe removes the eleastic band from her bunGolden vines caress her shoulders
The LGBT Community needs a change of scenery This change will make closed minded individuals think differently All of us are not out here for the sex, drugs, or money
People are people Love is love Whether you're a girl Or whether you're a boy
The smell of books surrounds me. The dim light coming from the lamp illuminates the small room. The bed beneath me creaks as I shift positions to get more comfortable with the book in my hands. I am 7 and I am a writer.
You want me to hide.
Who am I? I'm no one I'm someone, that no one sees I'm outgoing And I'm "here" So why do I feel invisable? Because my name isn't my name My face doesn't look how it should
It's hard for me to say That some people can't accept diversity Even in the world today. People can't marry who they love Simply because they're gay.
No matter what I do, No matter what I say, You will always see, What you want me to be.   You can call me "she" instead of "he" And you can call me by my birth name.
Did you know, that at one point in time, Being gay was considered a disease? That it was thought to be an illness?   Shocking, I know.   I refuse to be labelled a disease -
Your pissing me off because everytime you open your mouth I pray you say something stupid but instead I am met with your artistic views and original ideals and it dissapoints me that you can say something so beautiful.
I hate what oppression has done for my group. "Maybe you just haven't found the right man yet."   I hate what oppression has done for my group. "Who treated you wrong?"  
Growing up in a rural town, a child is planted in a foundation based on a few societal beliefs That God is the only un-defyable truth in life and societal obedience defines your worth
Institutionalized hatred
Slave of inhumanity, product of my own insanity The man I am is not because of who I was but who I want to be I stand for what is unbearable, I breathe and am unbreakable
These Castle Walls are stronger then they look. I don't  have the power to break them down, not as it took to raise them up. I don't want to destroy this beautiful master piece. Whoever built this, must have alot to worry about .
Student 1 Struggling to pay attention!  "Will my next class have better protection?" I'm in a place where I am expected to excel in every way, but why do I get treated differently everyday?"
  Dear MOM, I know I never said this,
In a country that prides itself on “liberty and justice for all,”
I felt society's idea of "normal" slipping through my fingers Like a handful of sand. 
Why one must hide just to be accepted? Why must parents judge even when they say they won’t?   There are no reasons to lie just so we do not get criticized
Help! I’m trapped.   I’m being held inside myself, I get asked… Are you a boy? Are you a girl? What are you? Why do you dress like that? What is wrong with you?  
Why am I different? Why am I shunned? Words you have said with no intent of apology I am stunned. Like a bee your words stung. I was a princess, now I feel homeless. No disrespect intended.
1.         Every time I find myself             Between her legs,                                     I am praying.  
Rainbeat By Lindt Schmitz You’re         standing          in           a    forest. You                have no                     voice, and            your
Millions of days out of sight, held down by clenched fists, held down by disenchanted words, held down by curses and slurs for the ones I love.   Rise up from underneath, no longer a "victim",
Transgender A word that brings Fear.   That brings dysphoria, confusion, invasive questions Fear of entering another's home and being attacked By their transphobic parents  
You may not...Tease him in the hall, thenTrip and watch him fallKick him when he's down andJump him while he's on his ownBut then again...
You say you never meant to hurt meBut that's exactly what you've done.Against your knowledge you've ripped it outLeft a hole of mass destruction.I fell for you but you threw me aside
God Bless America. Where suburban neighborhoods flourish and every house looks like the other, like rows of mass-produced Fords. God bless America. Where the government spends money
We live in a world where the differences between a single generatio
Society disapproves Of how I feel. It opens wounds That will never heal.   Our bodies are the same, But our love is too. To our hearts it isn't a game,
When one is born, the doctor says, "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!"
When I was a little girl I was scaredto tell the world that the other little girldown the road had a crush on me.Because I was worried that cruel peoplewould mock her or through stonesas she passed by,
If real eyes can see me, why can't you?
We all attempt to know ourselves. As people, we are born and the process begins. Exploration of body and mind, Blinking eyes and wiggling fingers and toes, We search for answers.
My friend is a rainbow When the tears pour, he’s there His presence is a promise for better times He makes me glow He listens to all of my fears Being there…well it makes me feel fine.
I can feel the power of the stars transmit through her eyesTo my unworthy eyes In the mouths of those who claimI am incapable of loving herBecause I am a girl
See my hands bound so tight Securely hidden Behind my back So I just sit here and fight You don't know how it is to be gay In an society Where you have to hide Your love everyday You don't know how hard I try To show you that
I Want To Be... What?   Who I am is not what you see   Who I am is not what most people want me to be   I glorify God  
FakeA descriptor built from uncertainty and accusations  Tailored to those who do not fit regulations or expectations ­- freaks  Used by those who do not understand anyone and those who wish to understand themselves.    
We hide inside our separate corners 
Walking down the halls as her laughter surrounds the air around you,  She's beautiful, kind, everything you've wanted in another,  She looks at you with a wide, warm smile, She clasps her hand with yours, 
            He goes on through the motions             All he's got to show are tears             He'll be their perfect daughter
I swear. My body stands on shaky ground. I'm in diaarray Complete darkness looms over head. This should come natural, easy almost
In the beginning, I owned two masks. One was a Barbie, one was a Power Ranger.   
She asked another girl to homecoming …I’m jealous
They call him Peter Pansexual When it came to love he didn't discriminate Not many know but this is not that unusual Not many can really appreciate But those more criminal Seek to eliminate
Every day I wake up in the wrong body   The misconceptions it causes   make me feel less like a miss   and more like a mistake  
It has been an era since I have gazed Into the mirrored eyes of morning. The thought lingers in an ocean Of fruitless expectation. The yearning, thirsting shore Waits untouched by equipoised waves
The flowing waters of Eros Traversed the infinite space Where cold and stoic I lingered Far from warmth’s embrace   Slowly, thus intrigued, Approached the seeming cause Of my dismantling
“High school will be the best years of your life,” or so I've been told. Good grades and a good looking boyfriend
I Exist Though you may try to find some sort of bubble to put me in To maybe keep my unnaturalness from trying to infect you To maybe make yourself feel better when you can "see past it"
When you saw me walk into your restaurant I doubt that th first thing you thought about was asking me what my preferred pronuns might be Instead, what I'm sure came to mind was: "Shaved underarms bu hairy legs
Living like a bruh Tiptoein in my Jordans Got swag for days bruh But seriously, let's jump into reality In the world everyone is confused About looks, attitude, and sexuality
When you smile when you think of them
Crystalize the memory & synchronize your chemical scheme, as the city underground travels through the blood stream ..of the young, the rich the old and poor..and the faces of the familiar across the crooked corridoors.
There once was a rose Attactive and sweet She reached to pluck the fragrant bud Only to be pricked with it's thorns  
Mom I'm Gay  
Holding on so tightly of everything you know, Only to find that you want to let it go, What happens when all the hate and a taboo Becomes Who you are, What happens when What you love Tears your family apart,
Have you ever had a secret in which you've held awhile; You see in the eyes of others that you're perceived odd or even vile; For you being different does not make you gross;
Identity Who are you? The biggest question to ask yourself Who are you really? Do I know or should I know?
"it's okay to be you" "i won't judge" "speak your mind"   but if i do, you will judge i know you i have lived with you my whole life i know you  
It feels soft, smooth, curves at the bust.
A blowing wind, 
I am not a memberOf your precious little binaryI'm not a himNot a herNot an "it"I'm a human beingWith skin and bones and hairSame as youSame as himSame as her
Behind the curtain, under the bed, harrassed and rejected; I'm already dead.   I'm not confused, I know who I am. And on the inside, I am a man.   I see it in my hands,
I dream of a beautiful woman I gave birth to years ago.
"Love is simply a rush of emotions, that I can't quite distinguish, that cause me to hope for forever so i can imagine
I try to stand upright, but I just keep falling. I try to keep the blade away, but I just keep bleeding. I try not to puke, but my throat is raw. I try to care, but I just can't.
I see rainbows burst through the sky And have the sudden urge to run and cry They all laugh and they say, "dont even try" And I say, "oh why, god, why?" Sometimes I think its better to lie
Where you supposed to go when your home aint even home happiness is in the gutters have to close up all those shutters see these people here dont love us  so all we got is each other 
Saddened self harmers, Battling bulimics, Angsty anorexics, Isolated insomniacs, Scared schizophrenics, Lonely lesbians, Gloomy gays, Battling bisexuals, Troubled transexuals,
They say, "Love is blind."So why are we so blind to fact that love is love?We see a man and a woman get married,and it must be love.Together they can make life,
When I'm lost to the earth
People get so creative these days. All we ever hear when a new, un usual thing comes up now is "well, thats how it is now days." Sick they say! Sick! Am I sick?  so disturbing to some so interesting
It must be nice to walk in the hall.
Could this be true The words flowing from your lips Such hurt you scream Such pain you cause me Love can't be forced fore it is a force in itself Tell me to love her when I'm in love with him
Love is funny.  Love is weird.  Love is knowing.  Love is guiding.  And to those whom it passes, it is unintentionally hurting.
The feeling of my forehead pressed against yours Your touch, as always, making my heart soar To be completely honest I'm a little nervous] Your face coming closer leaves me breathless
nobody left, and nobody died, but the family count went from six to five. a daughter abandoned, shunned, alone, because another girl's heart was the place she called home.
The way I love you Makes Me such a masochist My sweet quiet love
innocent little girl oh how your innocence has been taken stolen from you like a thief in the night a thief with so much power a thief with so much aggression and anger
Hispanic women always say I should learn how to cook, because men like that. Not just Hispanic men, but all men.   Big men with swollen arms and clouded heads that like to take it slow.  
  The first thing I ever learned from her is that when she says she doesn't care, she's really lying through her teeth. 
It angers me. It really makes my skin crawl. How people think they have the right to deny other people to express their love. I heard a joke once. It goes like this. A man walks into a Subway and orders his favorite sandwich.
There is a disparity between my mind and my body, like wearing a suit two sizes too small and pressing out desperately but unable to flee.   Looking in the mirror, facing fears,
Being gay isn't a choice Because why would I choose to lose my voice? Not my voice physically, but politically
Wrong place, wrong time No regrets, thats fine Wait til' you get back to reality Mama said stay home Be a good girl Don't let go But Mama pick up the pieces Can't you see
We live in a world of ignorance, full of people who don’t even try to understand that who you are doesn’t need a how or why.   Everything is perfectly fine
they shove you down They cut you up There words like knives that make you feel alone The words that turned a heart of gold into a black hole They say kids are curl That is true but adalts can be mean too
And I'll be kneeling on the floor Saying let me in too For all I've done Was try to mirror you You told me to love And that I did do I didn't think you specified to who
I don't believe this is it The do all end all Of all things I coud do Is finding love so wrong? Because I don't think so Is giving love so wrong? Because I don't want to be judged
I live with no sense of identityBlack-Female-Gay-They all represent meBut being stuck in a mundane placeGasping for air and spaceLeft with this double-sided face
Her eyes have witnessed horrorsIn the darkest of nights and the brightest of daysIf you'd look within them deep enough They would give all her secrets away
Do you know what it's like, To like boys and girls in a small, Southern Predominantly Christian town? To hear your peers talk about homosexuality being wrong and weird?
Remember when I made her smile? Lips parted like you haven’t seen for some time. Those thoughts The ones that plagued her mind.   Those that caused her to pick up the yellow bottle. Empty it.
I have a dream that one day equality will mean just that. Marriage is a right for everyone. I have a dream that one day discrimination will no longer exist.
Am I at fault for whom i've fallen in love with ?
What will you tell your queer child
I saw her again today In the corner of the lunchroom eating alone. Her parents are never really home And I wonder if she wonders, How does a girl, someone so different
They tell me I’ve changed for the worse. My true beauty grabbed her attention, my personality captured her heart. My eyes caught hers. My mind made her wonder. My past made her hold me closer.
Love, we are told is warm like the early rising of the sun.
Sometime I forget that LGBT
It was our wedding day Full of love and admiration I looked into her gleaming emerald eyes I knew we’d remember this forever   It was our wedding day Friends and family sniffled in the Palace
The thought of it, turns some stomachs, and makes them scoff.   Say we're just confused, that it's just a "phase", or that we're a sin.   Sometimes saying it out-loud,
What Would You Change Scholarship Slam 4/11/2014   What would I change, you ask? I’d say my life, but that’s a tad vague.
Eyes dart back and forth, a world of malevolence tanspries when he is not looking. Everything shutters on and off,
Gay. Faggot, Carpet muncher. Dyke. "You're Different" "Immoral"
Imagine a world of peace and happiness.
All of her life she had been trappedIn this body of a girl,And if she did not have cropped, messy hair,If she did not wear loose clothes,If she were not me,She would have been beautiful.
“God hates”
My hair My eyes My height All things I could change But what I would change is something much more  It not about myself, its about the world Rather than helping one sole, It would help much more
Some things man should never know
I'm tired of walking down the streets With girls gripping my arms in fear Fear of catcalls Fear of men Fear of bigots and most of all: Fear of people without respect   I'm tired of hearing
I want my little sister to be free of worries. I want my little brother to hope without fear,  to speak with care,  and to think without hate.   I want to bring children into a world where they can 
I have a dream that one day race, socio-economic status, gender, religion, ability, or sexual orientation will no longer serve as obstacles to justic
when you were little, did you ever play hide and seek? there’s always one kid who hides in the closetif it was you, you know whythe closet’s warm and dark and quiet and as long as you stay silent, no one can tell you’re there
We are defined Not by the hearts that beat within us
do we have equality? i'd say no why can't my sister marry her fiance?but my cousin is going into marriage #5 why do i have no idea how to come out? and my straight sister never had to
Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Flags are nothing but color. Caucasian, Indian, Islander, African Skin is not the issue in particular. Trans, Gay, Straight, Bi We are all the same.
Choice is a conscious decisions We choose what we wear And what we say And what we do But Love is not a choice Love is a feeling Mysterious and dangerous Silently screaming
YOU need to change YOU utter words of pain Sharp enough to slit my wrist Yet clear enough for me to think Should I really end this?   The name calling the jokes It all never stops
Bones rattling It's just two words Why are they so hard to spit out? Skin dripping Isn't this what you've been wanting? Haven't you wanted to tell them? Mind reeling
Welcome to our society where people will judge you on the smallest things and not care. 
I would make everyone see that We're all human. We're all the same. Sharing the same planet and co-existing in beautiful diversity  And these things you call  "race" "sexuality" "gender"
Screw it all
They remember those days Days full of pain As their mothers wiped their tears away They don't understand how anyone could be so mean They felt like they are shattered And their happiness torn
They ask me if I'm confused? They ask me if it's a phase? They tell me it's a choice. That I wasn't born this way.
Skinny is in? And fat is out? If you are large try not to pout. Lose that weight and you will be pretty. But be careful because there is no beauty without titties. NO! You can't love the same gender.
Love is love, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and all, Be yourself, and do what you believe. Take every day with stride, Don’t worry about what others may think. It’s your life, live it with pride!
My father would rather me be with a man Who sinks his teeth into my skin Like a hungry pig Than for me to be in love with a woman  Who glides her fingers down my spine Like I am artwork  
Society needs a change. Society tells females that they are beautiful without make-up, without pretty clothes, and that their weight is perfect.
  Gender   Who are they to say You must act and dress a certain way “Ladies knee length skirts, guys suit and tie!” When gender is more than meets the eye Both, neither, one, or what fits
O beautiful
I hope you can see that "I still love you" hurts the worst.
What to say to the ones who feel small,the ones who are hungry,the ones who have no home, whose everyday battles without an end,those who are lost wishing to be found again, for those who suffer,the ones filled with fright,those who pray to liv
A twisting lock of hair falls round your face A shield of purple lacquer coats your nail As desperately I need to know my place I try and try and try to no avail.  
Look, I never expected it to be me.  
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt.” What a load of shit this is. Clearly, the people who spew this phrase have never faced daggers of words, have they?  
I'm not a blank canvas for the artist to devourNature versus nurture, the hot debate of the hourLGBT, a community met with a staggering glowerThe humans represented have been robbed of all their power
"You are nothing but what you want to be" And what I want to be I must conceal I must hide Keep it secret Sweep it beneath the rug Never to see the light of day Put it under lock and key
You look at me, 
He wakes up and rolls over Sees the love of his life And he loves him just the same As a husband loves his wife. Been together for ten years Yet no ring on his finger Because America the Brave
My arms remember The way she held me. She kept me safe. As safe as he ever made me feel.   My eyes remember The tears I cried When they told me I would go to hell.
They are the building blocks of intelligence, And yet they are still used to tear down others. Slut, Whore, Skank: Harsh insults are not relevant? Tell that to the lifeless bullied girl's mother.  
I have a disease.  I've had it all my life.  I never had symptoms until age 13.  I didn't want to deal with it so I ignored it until I was 15.  I knew I could no longer avoid it. 
Student, teacher, successful, failure.
In this little town it's not celebrated but being different is the best thing you can be. If you'd go to this school you'd see a bunch of the same. Who wants to be a clone? I was bullied for being different here
This world is all about oppression. It seems that's all we really care about. To slam our likes. To slam our beliefs. To slam our backgrounds.   We never seem to stop. We do it more and more.
Fire That’s what it feels like when I close my eyes I feel like my mind and my body are just going to burn up Melt away I can’t stand this! It’s been six years Six years of living in this Hell
Texas History Class in seventh grade blonde-haired blue-eyed coach is our teacher, hooray but what happens when he starts to talk about gays? to say that my cousin "Won't turn out right" because he has two mommys
If I tell people I am gay, my father might punch me in the face.My mother might threaten to kick me out of the house.If I don't change, they might send me to ex-gay "therapy."My friends might beat me up at school. 
I'm tired of schools taking claim And not going by their word By putting "anti-bully zone" in the name. Am I the only one who finds it absurd? Your idea is to do these kids a favor,
Lend me your ear my friend And hear of a wonderous place Where people are happy And no one is hurt   There is no pain in this world Only happiness and love All love is equal and free
#YOWO And I loved a girl with pain etched into her lips and death written along her soul. Art poured from her fingertips and poetry was carved into
I’ve known I was a boy since I was three years old It’s not only something I know It’s something I feel deep into the crevasses of my soul Most people don’t think twice of it
Let me be the one
My heart is slowly beating
I wish I could tell you about myself: that I love the whole spectrum of gender and that I feel so uncomfortable in my own skin that I want to peel it all away and become new
"Choosing" to be gay Is the cause of my depression   God hating gays Will not terminate my faith   Lack of monogamy A myth to seven year couple Nicole and Rebecca  
Hidden away at the end  or more often just omitted not out of hate, but of ignorance. What could A stand for but Allies, anyway? Purposeful perpetuation of an imperfect initialism
  You think you're being clever But you aren't.
Who am I?I am female.
Their Eyes are on the Door (The Gay Scene)   Their eyes were on the door of clubs like Casablanca, where they wait to judge. They clutter together like leaves stuck in a drain, old ways refusing to budge.
Love is Strong Love is Powerful Love is Free Yet is it judged Not being able to love whom we want for who we are But at the end Love will always concure those who judges
The dark colored eyes that hides inside holding the mold to every fiber that was once a destructive storm through the night. How do we transverse, move, breathe, converse?
Since when does my sexuality effect Your well being, Your family, Your life. Since when does anyone's sexuality effect Your well being, Your family,  Your life. It's a matter of fact
They sayOne man plus one woman equals a real marriageBut I say they miss the pointIt isn't the man or the woman or the oneIt's the equalWithout that marriage isn't even part of the equation
She loved you,  Couldn't you see? From left to right,  Her heart was set on you. I write in awe,  But thankful I am. You were what once filled her heart, But now I am what love means to her.
My eyes are green My makeup is black My hair is blonde And my thoughts are back ………………………… My soul is blue
  Red eyes of fury because the world is against our love. Won't let me marry my other half only because she's... a she. Not fair.
You think you're hot sh*t don't you because your clothes fit you and you got a nice whip riding after school. You think you're hot sh*t don't you because we will never be like you
To the land of the free, to the home of the brave We sing these words proudly for all to hear But what aboout those who we still need to save? The lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders; who still live in fear  
Understand yall We all fall short of the glory True story we were on the verge of He'll but god sent jesus in the clutch for Our victory like Robert Horry Yeah its an abomination but so is judging we
You call me a queer and I hope you do,  for I do differ from what’s normal to you.  You call me queer and I hope you do, because it’s true. 
A lonely child in the halls, no one knows but he calls, out to someone for help, they all tell him he needs self-help, this kid is gay and that's okay, he doesn't understand what he feels, he starts to skip meals, no one pays attention, he's scare
Eyes connect Shoulders rolling back Chest puffed out Plump lips of pure crimson Curling up in a seductive grin Beckoning that I come closer And closer still Breath quickening
  Dysphoria Sucks   These feelings can suck my non-existent dick but shit That just makes the dysphonia worse doesn’t it?   My dysphoria peaks when my estrogen levels do
Free Baby beluga in the deep blue sea You swim so wild and you swim so free Heaven above and the sea below
Walking out into the night, I see a quite familiar sight, that of a man and his dog, that of a man taking a jog.   Walking on my way to school, I see something realy cool,
His arms tightly grasped His eyes filled with love His smile blooms His heart races He lowers his head Their lips meet quickly Just once A boy rushes around the corner
We as a nation fail to realize what's what when it comes to politics. When something goes wrong we're quick to blame our president. If someone kills someone pf a different race, they're racist or a terrorist.
There's a light in my heart And I want it to be voiced Just because I am different, does it mean I don't have a choice? Of who I love and who I don't Do I have to be straight to be normal?
Everything is fantastic, euphoric even.People who've been there from the start surround you,Laughing, joking, smiling, even mum is bragging.“Yeah, I have the best daughters ever.”
  Teacher, open your eyes! You are feeding them all lies! We are living in a society so enwrapped with gender, I imagine myself becoming a bender. Not only of rules, regulations, and taboo,
I've been raised in a world that dictates who you can love. Not by the foundation of their character, but the structure of their bodies.  A point where I feel ashamed to mention that the girl walking past me is beautiful.
  I want to know you Not in the, “yeah we’re friends she’s great” way All of you   I want to know your favorite book and why I want to know what makes you smile
 She opens my eyesto a new world,a new universe,full of happiness;happiness to be with the one I lovebut also, a new world fullof hurt.They are constantly staring,plotting against us,
I speak for the silence and against the harassment As I take you hand we will show the world How marriage is as free as the wind
I feel your pain. I know the hate. I see the fate we're doomed to take. The cruel words. The harsh remarks. I share your scars, and broken hearts. We join hands. We stand tall.
Sitting here thinking about the mischief that I've caused, wondering in my head should i stop doing wrong or continue to break the laws. Ur gay and i'm mad, My past wont drift away seems like I was born to be bad.
What do I see? A world filled with hatred. I see a world were man can't be with man. They can't be seen holding hands. I see a world with double standards because if you're a lesbian it's cool.
Standing in front of the "holy" firing squad.Last wish on a pink triangle pinned on my shirt.Boss gives the countdown.Eyes closed and no regrets for how I've been living.
  I never thought this would happen, They would say, "It doesn't exist," I knew they were full of it, after our first kiss. From that moment on, I knew Love could be, I never thought this would happen to me.
Once I was hurt, Once I was shattered, Once I was young & knew no better. Now that time has passed & I've had time to heal, The love she has shown me has never been so real.. (For Christina)
I knew a girl who felt trapped in this world she was unaccepted  for being gay they kept putting her down for who she was the closed-minded saw no other way she asked why the world was so cruel
Mucky, hot, permeating light Sitting static to find some reprieve Required event it’s hard to believe Today the day of our patriot’s blight Silly of me to wear long sleeves
A poem by Alan Turing… Title: Who is Worthy?   Who can dictate whether or not an individual is worthy? Ignorant individuals view others based merely on their own journey.
      Since the dawn of time, critisizm, judgment, and alienation has been happening. Racism and hate has been spread.
I chose to be spat on in public.I chose to be called names.Fag. Dyke. Sinner. Abomination. Devil worshiper.Mistake.I chose to be hated by the ones I loved.I chose to be hated by the ones I trusted.
US History. 5th hour. I sat in the farthest left row, four seats back. You sat one row to the right, three seats back. 
your hips could tell stories of lovers past before me. of the mornings you lay bare, alone in your bed with only the silence surrounding.
I am an infinite doubter, But my hope weighs more. In this lifetime I could see Marriage equality. Marriage isn’t about the word—it’s about a cosmic explosion of wholeness.
  Why does  looking at her  inspire this  feeling  in my mind  between my thighs  that i can't control 
The piano hovers above and around me The soft lilting music drifts into class the notes hang heavy and the sound drowns me out as the noise level shatters glass
"Look at the obvious, only feel for the "natural", God told me. "Don't smell the pink flowers, only the blue", the media said. "Pull yourself to the inside and push from the out", school taught me.
My secret is out, A terrible truth. You watched my tears fall, With utter aloof. “Back your packs,” You muttered in disgust. “There’s no room for you here, It’s time to adjust.”
To my parents, A hidden secret awaits, Please don’t hate me for this, It’s not a choice. To my friends, The hidden secret is out, and I’m accepted by most, You choose to shun me.
Call me crazy to admit my past affiliations. Call me insane to pursue my aspirations. Shall I lose my sanity to issues of nonsence and dislocated tangents As I search for everlasting fullfillment?
     We burned like neon            Bright and quick                   Captivating                          Exhilirating                                Lips forever chapped
When I look into the mirror I see me. I don't see 6 colors or 6 women, just 6 of me. But then I realize what you see in me. You've colored me a rainbow and that blinds you from the real me.
Label me, bitch. Dyke. Fag. Tranny. Label me, bitch. Freak. Creep. Queer. Label me, bitch. Geek. Dork. Fuck up. Label me, bitch. Whore. Slut.
I've searched my life’s peaks and hearts disappointments for gold, for money, power, fame. Drained, I can only see myself, in you.
Prop 8 You're so full of hate You f*cked up a state And forced us to wait   As bait for the courts You seemed easy to kill But not until bigots got their way Trying to "Pray away the gay"
  You ask why I write. I ask why do you care? It’s because words can affright, and make people stare. Words give me power, and other people hope.
For years I'd been alone.   They'd scorned me while I raised my flag, Spitting venom and curses, All because I loved my own gender.   Trapped for years in the darkness, I'd stumbled into you,
Segregation reformed by lips laced with loquacious words,
Promoting the definition of separated girls and segregated worlds.Diffusing through hierarchical halls, paneled with the predecessors of freedom;
June 26, 2013 A date that changed everyone's lives but mine Because amongst this hurricane of excitement and acceptance My ship is stuck in port.   My anchor weighs heavy with fear and denial
Fuck you, I wish I could.   You flirt with me, Even though you don’t like guys? Bullshit.   You tell me: You have something to say. You don’t say it, And we lapse
To express the entire entity of who I am I write. I write for the fact that living in this world of a billion people I stand alone with a voice stifled and unheard.
The pen, oh the pen, you are mightier than the sword Words, they say, can never hurt, I don't think they've ever been betrayed. Just a few words, just a couple sentences, That's all it takes to ruin a life.
Why is this even a question? Are you a boy? Are you a girl? Gay, straight, bi, transgender? Does it truly matter?
Words, they have many powers, We ignore their strength. They keep us safe in our towers, But yet, they can destroy as well. All in the verbiage of those that use them For good or ill we see their consequences.
Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, In my heart, it is a simple matter. Or soul, the brain, the mind; Whichever you believe does the chatter. We paint it in red, purple, white, Some even coat it in blue
No dress like this not like that Eat this healthy food, don't get fat Just tie my free will to heavy strong chains Leave me damage on my brain It's the same punishment as your doing now
Life is too short, grudges are a waste of perfect happiness. Life is too short, laugh when you can, it's a bonus. Life is too short, apologize, enhance, while you still have the chance. Life is too short,
I smile outwardly to you because I don't need your pity, You see me as a happy, bubbly, and sparkling young woman. Did you ever realize that beyond my smile my eyes are filled with stories I'll never say with my lips?
In the winter, I felt something strange I made angels in my admiration Expecting it to melt away And in the Spring, The flowers began to bloom My imagination like a bee, Budding feelings made me see,
You fell through the sky Hitting cement To break into a new dimension Where you can fly, And now your body And spirit exist In different planes. The chicken and the egg,
They lock you up They take pieces of you Inch by inch Try to force you Into silence Into willful captivity Caged birds cannot fly But they can still sing Do not let your song be silenced
Look at me Do you see? Do you see me? I look no different than thee I am human too No different than you Making mistakes too Human through and through
I’ll never forget what you told me when I was in the hospital. You said the next time I try to kill myself, I need to make sure I go though with it. That’s the moment I knew how much of an effect the flap of a butterfly
He looks in the mirror: buzzed hair, a flannel, baggy jeans over new black Vans. Turning to the side, he folds his arms over his chest, slouching forward. A pink blouse hits his head. “Try that, Carol,” Erica says.
see theres this thing this feeling that eats and eats and eats away at my brain and i feel guilty and cruel and wrong because thats what they told me i was SUPPOSED to feel
The world turns its back But the stars still shine When did we start hating All of man kind Wrong kind of skin Wrong kind of mind Wrong kind of love But a love that is mine
There are some who’d like to think that love comes in two breeds: Relevant and irrelevant. To them, only as a word love is singular. As an emotion, love comes in too many species,
I am that boy who is kind, sweet, silly and all I always carried a smile that stretches my lips about a mile walking near my folks telling jokes tall in height always a delight seeing me on the spotlight
although born a female, there was something that i knew i knew that i was different, thoughts that stuck like glue. i put on all the dresses, i did just what they said, but every night i cried, i fought hard inside my head.
If I were one for praying, If I were to supplicate the gods, I would ask them to deliver me to you So that I may be humbled in the presence Of a beauty akin to that of the divine.
Every day we are awakened by the alarming clock. Every moment should be great. Don't misuse love, because others don't get the love.
Caring about yourself is hard to do. Especially if you're used to caring for someone else too. There's going to come a time when you just need to worry about yourself. Even if other people cry for help.
I am tired Of lies. Tired Of my disguise. I’m tired. I want to be free again; Free from the heart. I want to be me again; Free from insanity of humanity. I just want to be free.
Our two demons came, with different form, neither of us to blame that we couldn't conform. Yours was a bully, against his words I was a shield, defended you fully, until he did yield.
I have a voice; Strong and loud. Can make people listen, People in the crowd. I know right from wrong; I'm not sitting in a cloud. I'll scream till you hear me; Scream really loud!
Sometimes certain situations are just so hard to deal with, other situations are easy, but the hard ones teach you a lesson in life, weather its for the worst or the better.
Like a storm hovering over a barren land Tears fill this boy’s hands They burn like coals on fire Fueled by words of hate and ire
I often look to the yellow lillies in the garden on campus Friends pass me and time shifts Is it not the success that people want? Or perhaps it's the driven motive in which we attempt to strive Unjust it truly is,
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(poems go here) You are a man Brittney M. Williams
Angry tears Arched across my zygoma Flowing with rage...It’s colorful I can't think... my mind eclipse by sublte animosity Through holes I've imprinted with malice
Lack of beauty, abundance of lust, risky relationships she cannot trust. Runs from herself to hide from her spouse, looks mighty in theory, in reality mouse. Attempts to be home when in her own house,
You can't love here the big man chokes You can't You can't do that, don't do that Fags The big man chokes He says we're not human You and me Funny, I never felt like an alien
It's hate versus love everyday, the slow decay of the human race, racing to save, the bit of humanity that's left, right from the start they said it was wrong to be gay.
I like this guy, I like him a lot in fact he already holds a place in my heart. I wonder and ponder what he thinks of me in the end it is me he doesn’t see. So I wait by the shore hoping someday he'd want more.
L-O-V-E Is a four letter word love shouldn't be taken for granted But mean so much to someone that means so much to you Don't let love slip away Hold it forever in your heart Cherish each day
I look back at the few years in my life and I imagine what it would have been like to NOT have gone through what I did to become the person I am today. Mistreated. Abused.
I don't always know the right thing to say, But I feel inclined to speak out anyway To define the one thing that can never be understood Is the real sin: rooting out love where it lay. And we keep pressing on
My love... Your eyes strum compositions too complex to ever interpret with harmonious strings... rainbow violins, played by cosmic kings You... are a musical piece too delicious to swallow Guitars made out of chocolate...
Shadows run deep throughout my soul like interstates. They converge into the darkness that creates me. The one thing that's really funny is.... That the creator of my creators were created by you.
Love is love “Gender doesn’t define love.” Why is it people judge what they don’t understand? Homo, faggot, dyke, queer! Out of all the pain we mostly hold in fear. We endure and we take all we can.  
I rather be called handsome than beautiful I rather be called he than she And i rather you say his than hers Not miss but sir you don't know how it feels How it feels to feel this hurt
The attachment of two souls Waking up in the morning Impressions in the mattress Coffee in the hands and kids at the table Marriage isn’t a requirement To love But you want it You deserve it
This poem IS Gay And not just in a childish and perjorative way Cuz in a world where life is counted by the days Who's willing to spend one standing up for what America - portrays
Gay.. Fag... Homo... Queer, Everyday we live in fear. Fear for our rights, Fear for our lives, Everyday is a new surprise. Arrested, Jailed, Hated, and Feared, the 1960's were not good years.
Well, it seems we have a bit of a problem We've stuck ourselves in the exact same situation That we put ourselves in 50 years ago It took until 1967 for our entire country to come to our senses
I'll give my blood to keep your stripes red. You can keep your white, and I can keep my freedom.
my fingers fit consummately in between his and when i rest my head on his chest it rises and falls in a perfect rhythm i feel closer to him then i have ever felt to anyone else and oh the things his mouth and hands create they remind me of what it
There are people under the steeple Who can’t keep their eyes off the peep-hole. Why are their minds so weak and feeble? It’s misunderstood, so deem it evil. Mr. Man sits in Congress so regal,
Red for the battles and blood that was lostOrange for the sunsets spent counting the costYellow for sunrise and starting anewGreen for the grass that is stained red with dew
Holding hands is not an easy thing to do. It’s nerve-racking for the timid, and even more so for the different.
Across the Internet Far and wide, There are many flame wars You can find About this topic (So taboo!) Same-sex "marriage," And "unions," too.
Rejected Restricted No. Not anymore. Their voices need to be heard, not ignored No. Not anymore. They have suffered in silence Never to be truly complete Man and Wife? Accepted
I never had to fight to live, Or visit June of '69. I'm too young to see a club, But I know where I belong.
Love (n): a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. 1. You made me realize that love is more than fairy tale bullshit. Sometimes a princess isn’t waiting for a prince.
Dear Mom and Dad
I live in a world of black and white Bu I’m all color. From my skin, to my hair, To my eyes, Even my insides. I’m full blown color But they paint me black. They paint me white.
Hate? Hate. What is the definition of Hate? Hate: To dislike intensely or passionately. To feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward. To detest; is that your definition of Hate?
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