The Last Goodbye

We walked down the street, but

it wasnt the same as last time.

She looked at me,

with her big happy eyes

no longer filled with light,

she told me she

couldnt do this anymore,

her parents knew.

She was no longer her father's

daughter, her mother looked at her

with disgust, her pastor told

her she was going to hell,

she had to leave me.


We walked down the street

both of us silent,

no words to fill

the empty air of sadness.

They never even had a chance

to see how much love we

have for each other,

never gave us a chance

to show them, that we love

just the same.


We walked down the street

both thinking the same


It's not fair,

we love each other just

as much as her

parents, or my older brother

and his girlfriend,

we are human too.



We walked down the street,

until we got a block away

from her house.

She leaned in close,

and kissed me once more.

I could taste her salty tears

against my lips.

The last I saw

was her back walking away

from me.



I like how this has short lines that build suspense! I'm sorry if this was based on real events.

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