Dont judge or you too shall be judged.

Understand yall
We all fall short of the glory
True story we were on the verge of
He'll but god sent jesus in the clutch for
Our victory like Robert Horry
Yeah its an abomination but so is judging we
Fall in when looking upon someone else's
Way of living without thinking that we too sin
Still we should respect eachother as same as you love yourself because we are all in the same boat I quote sin is sin but certain sins have different levels of consequences right right gays and lesbians its I don't quite understand it but its not for me to so if my sister or brother has fallen through love we should help our brother's and sisters its love hope and faith that abides but the greatest of these is LOVE! My sister is gay and few of my cousins are too but its cool like god over looks our daily sin which to him a day is a thousand years so we sinning a thousand times times two we should hate the sin and love the person true no two chains we loose chains gods word go forth and bring about change without love our efforts are like the noise of loose change in blue jeans love live life love above all man.

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