In the quiet of my closet I speak

And the words sound more like a cry for help

A plea for escape

Or at least for someone to turn the lights on


But no one hears my too quiet voice

Through these too thick walls

So i sit in the silence

And the darkness


Or I sit in the living room

And listen to my parents tell me they love me

An an hour later how they “disagree” with lgbt

And I silently beg for escape


As I wonder would they still love me

If only they knew

And this couch suddenly becomes a closet

And you can’t hear me through my smiles and nods


Or I am sitting in the church pew

Listening to the people lifting their voices

And even as I sing

This pew feels like a closet


And I don’t think you would like my voice

If you heard the words through these walls

So I sing along in submissive silence

And nod my head to your hate


Cause you wouldn’t hear me

Through these walls anyway

And it's much too hard to open the door

So i sit in the silence

And the darkness


Hoping someday I can walk into to the light

Hoping someday I will find someone

With a voice like mine


Scratched and shaky from screaming

Through these too thick walls

For far too long


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