When I look at you.


You make me feel secure

In who I am.


You have never teased me

Have never been rude

About my identity.


You say you’re bi

Put I’m trans.

Maybe I’m just an exception?


Today you used my correct pronouns

And I was so happy.

You were too.


You try.

You really do.

And that’s amazing.


You say love is fake,

But you love me still.

Because I am your fate.


When I look at you,

I see all the good

And all the bad.


When I look at you,

I see a young man

Trying so hard to find his place in the world.


When I look at you,

I see love in your eyes.

They’re always twinkling when we’re flirting.


When I look at you,

I see you,

As you are.

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