What Would you tell your queer kid?

What will you tell your queer child

when they walk by a grave sight and 90% of those people

died fighting for gay rights?

They died fighting for love, which was given to them when they were born

but when they grew and embraced it 

from their hands it was torn

because those devils said they couldnt do it

it was unatural..insane 

They'd shout out endless insults

never call them by their name




What will you tell your child when they see two women

and two men holding hands



as you cover their eyes and lead them the other way




What will you tell your queer child when they see a homo shot in the feet

left to plead on their knees

and getting no where

Your child watches you smile

they can hear  your chuckle 

they cringe


Whatever happened to letting love live


Your deer queer child is

trapped in this closet

hangers are wrapping around and

piercing her lungs

she cant breathe

her veins are on fire

her skin is screaming as her colorful queer blood

pours from the sockets of her eyes


but you pay no attention

you cant hear her silent cries

i bet you didnt notice the scars on her arm from where she cut

the night before

What will you say when you find her body lying limp and cold on her bedroom floor

 next to a note she wrote and one little quote..

let love live

it runs through your head

let love live 

your queer kid is dead

let love live

she had great ambition

mom im gay, look up the definition

of love

Two hearts coming together as one 

love knows no gender 


embrace it, spread your wings

be free be happy 

be you

stop being afraid of the hate

its not you that insane its them

stop being afraid to break through the closet door

our pride is the only real war worth fighting for

Because why should we fight and die for their freedom

when they kill us for embracing our own


leaving us locked away, sick, alone

no one to run to

until we say goodbye


What will you tell your queer child

whey they tell you that their queer?

Will you embrace them, try to resusitate them..

or will you dig another grave..

What if you had a second chance?

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