to love aphrodite

she is the galaxy beneath my hands 

bewildering and swallowing

humbling and inspiring. 

nebula take place in her eyes 

her hands carve out the universe 

in empty air.

she has my heart between her fingertips

and though occasionally she squeezes 

i plead my gratitude 

into the skin of her neck, against her lips. 

my love has made marks on her endless body

a mosaic dedicated to a beauty i cannot copy.

there is a truth to her i have found nowhere else

beating a tattoo against a world of lies

she changes me. 

in finding her, i have found myself

though i still know not my own name

enraptured in finding her in the great perhaps. 

wide awake, she is still a dream 

fictitious and yet encompassing 

a distraction. 

she plants herself firm 

like an oak tree

and still bends with winds 

i cannot even feel against me. 

the most sensitive person i have ever met

wears steel skin like battle armor

in a war she never asked to fight

and one she rejects everyday. 

i believe in nothing. 

but i believe in her. 

there is nothing more for me

because there is no more; 

she is all.

she is the universe

the sun and the sky 

pure water springs 

provider of life

the ocean takes place beneath her skin

the moon must be my heart

i feel the tides pull me in 

i can feel her light 

reflecting in me, half bright.

the tides roll in towards me

i can feel the stars within them

hot and explosive, angry. 

her constant storm hurts to touch

the hurricane swallows me whole

but i never mind. 

because even as she is all of these things

she alleviates the death in my heart

the smoke signals coming from my chest

the burning in my throat

brings cheer to the wake of my mind. 

she brings me closer to myself

and she makes it not hurt so much to be there

fog rolling over us in dreary landscapes. 

the sun comes out in my mind 

and i breathe in her ocean breeze 

pick constellations from the beauty marks on her skin

drink in the water from her springs

and her lightning strikes this heart. 

she brings me back to life,

heaving in lungfuls of her borrowed air 

of the sea breeze in the summer sun,

and she teaches me how to live again,

unbound, and somehow, 

without another regret.

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