Can We Really Be Truly Equal?


You’re gay? That’s okay! It’s your life, your way

Oppression shouldn’t control, take a toll, push and pull

Bigots are cruel, so are kids at school, they’re being a fool, a major tool

Religion doesn’t show that homosexuality’s a sin, bear a grin

Stride with pride! Go for a ride! You got nothing to hide!

Be proud, be loud, join in with the crowd!


You’re bi? Bake a pie! Don’t be shy, it’s do or die, don’t you lie

Life’s too short, don’t ever retort, just take a trip to a resort

You can’t let them make you mad, make you sad, just be glad, it’s the new fad!

If you see, I can be, a positive person filled with glee, who loves flowers, birds and tree’s

But I really hate bee’s


You’re transgender? That’s no offender! Be whatever gender!

You were born a girl but are really a boy? You play with manly toys? What a joy!

You were born a guy, but you’re a girl inside? Don’t hide, show your pride, that LGBTI stride!

You feel trapped inside of your skin? Feel like you just can't win?

Be true to you, here’s a good tip too, do what you can do!


When you’re born you are given rights! Turn on the lights! Don’t start any fights!

Change is healthy, be stealthy, it might just make you wealthy!

Take what you’re not sure of and learn, start to earn, an everlasting life turn

Being LGBTI is not a choice, raise your voice!

Say it loud, say it proud! Join the crowd!

It’s a right, no need for a fight! Set your sight, start tonight! Don’t say that you might!

Say you must! Put your trust, in faith and pixie dust!

You can change a mind, all the lies that will bind, the hate and the evil that you’ll come to find

And give those another chance to be who they are, they’ll go far

And they’ll get the rights they have long deserved, the rights we have reserved

The peace and harmony

The escape from melancholy.



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