A Letter For Her

Dear Deniha, 

You’re probably never going to read this, well you’re not. But if you do, it is what it is. I’m writing this letter because I’m bored, I like writing and I just want all my thoughts on paper about you. I honestly don’t know when my feelings erupted for you, but they did, and I don’t regret it one bit. It could have been that night after Lucky’s, it could have been during that time when you were always hanging out with Jalien. If you were to ask me, “Why did you like me” I’ll just tell you I don’t know just to avoid that conversation. But in this letter, I’m spilling nothing but my truth. To begin, you’re so freaking beautiful and I’m not just speaking on your appearance. I love how your mind works. I love your thought dialect. I love your patience. I love how tolerant you are.  I can listen to you talk for hours and I wouldn’t be bored. When you talk, I stare at you and I know that’s weird, but I promise you it’s not intentional it’s just I’m just amazed that’s all. Admiration. I admire your beauty and I’m not afraid to admit that. I notice things about you that I shouldn’t notice. I remember when you didn’t know I had feelings for you which had to be the funniest moments in this school. I would tell Jayla, Kira and Dee about everything. I would tell them how beautiful you are and so much other stuff. Back when everything was much easier. Now in my mind, I already established the fact that we would never be together but my silly, dumb self still managed to fall for a straight girl.  I don’t know what I was hoping for to be honest with you. It was deeper than lust, but I wasn’t in love, so would that be infatuation? I don’t know but anyways, I hope everything goes well with fritz, I really do and that’s coming from the bottom of my heart, you were my friend before all of this so naturally I want to see you happy and succeeding in life. I have nothing against him at all, it’s just I’m jealous of him because he has someone I will never get. It’s crazy because I couldn’t get you even if he wasn’t in your life. Crazy. I can’t wait to see what college has in store for us though. But I don’t want to go on and on about it. If you ever happen to read this letter I hope you don’t bring it up…ever.

Love your emotional friend, Laticia aka Tee 

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