Ever since New York...

Ever since New York

I tried to change my mind

pushed away these little things

and these little white lies.

I was only 18 surrounded by fool's gold.

I had no control as these fire proof clouds

filled these space, a once in a life time illusion.

But my heart beats right now,

for this woman named Diana.

I am ready to run and act my age

just to be your last first kiss.


I still remember our first meeting,

these silly midnight memories,

these memories that kept me up all night.

We were listening to the best song ever

while I wore my little black dress 

and walked through the dark.

There I was trying to steal a kiwi 

sneaking around from the dining table.


You sat there chatting with a couple. 

Their names were Carolina and Olivia,

when our eyes suddenly meet. 

You had a glint in those pretty eyes,

said to me, "Hey angel, meet my in the hallway."

Was this some kind of cliche girl almighty?

We chatted for a bit, laughed like two ghosts.


I felt so alive, but what you did next,

it was better than words.

You whispered to the side of my cheek,

"Does he know?"

I shook my head, your hand on my heart feeling it beat.

"Let's live while we're young

and let me kiss you."

At the end of the day,

it was the beginning of something great.


Walking in the wind you smiled,

your slow hands approaching mine.

This was the perfect moment,

nothing could drag me down.

It's already made in the a.m.

maked down for future history,

set in stone, a love that strives for infinity.

Just your whispers are never enough.

I need your kisses, you to rock me 

and oh what a feeling it is to have your body 

lay against mine.


And I want to write you a song 

of how I'm your sweet creature

and you're my only angel. 

That it is the sign of the times,

a time to show our pride.

Where we no longer must hide.

They don't know about us, none of them do.


They don't know about how I loved you first.

I would do all I can to come back for you.

It's like Stockholm Syndrome,

I feel the pain, the suffering but I just can't let her go.

But sometimes I fear, someone would steal my girl.

In the midst of our hiding, of our fighting.

I beg you, "C'mon c'mon, change your ticket."

To give me more time before we let the world know.


I look up to the sky, asking "Where do broken hearts go?"

and she said she's not afraid, "Why don't we go there?"

But I was afraid, afraid of this heart attack.

She said, "Don't forget where you belong."

That I belong to her, our two hearts in this one home.

That we deserve to feel free, to love strong and happily.

With half a heart and a love you goodbye,

her lips pressed against mine, "It's time to be free."

"You and I, we are meant to be.

You stole my heart and now I'm taken.

But you've gotta be you, it's what makes you beautiful.

There is just one thing I wish for, one thing I want.

To stop these same mistakes and save you tonight."


It's these moments that rip me apart,

her love for me deeper than howling wolves,

her hands on me begging me to just hold on.

I asked her to tell me a lie and she cried,

"I hate everything about you,

from the time we first met, gave a drunken kiss,

to the heat we laid our bodies in, a perfect fit.

The magic of your irresistable personality makes me

hate that I truly, madly, deeply fell for you."


Ever since New York,

I tried to change my mind

pushed away these little things

and these little white lies.

But I fell for a woman named Diana,

and I guess it's okay and everything's just fine.

I don't want to be afraid,

and I've come back to the place 

where our bodies first laid.

Our hands in each other's.

finally, ready to tell them all.

The story of my life.

The story of us.

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