They Say.

They say
One man plus one woman equals a real marriage
But I say they miss the point
It isn't the man or the woman or the one
It's the equal
Without that marriage isn't even part of the equation

They say
They're defending marriage
But I say how about defending love
Because as far as I can tell a marriage without love is doomed from the start
I have seen a man who treats his husband like the world revolves around him
And I have seen a man who treats his wife like she should have been taken out with last weeks trash
How is the second marriage better or more real?

They say
It's unnatural, it's against God
But I say to take a step back and look at the hate they're spewing
How is that natural?
To tell people that their life, their love, their choices, make them less of a person
How can you think that is for God?
If anything is against God it's the hateful comments that cause too many people to take their own lives every year
It's the people who have the audacity to claim that they can speak for God.

They say
Gays have the same rights as us
They can marry just like we can
Just as long as they don't want to marry someone of the same sex
But I say if you think that those are equal rights
Then you need to check your definition of equal
It is not equal that a straight person can marry the person they love and a gay person cannot.

They say
Protect our rights
But I say protect all rights.



I love this!! Wow, especially the ending! Great job, this is amazing!

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