An Inside Conversation

Wed, 12/10/2014 - 21:27 -- JayJay


Student 1

Struggling to pay attention! 

"Will my next class have better protection?" I'm in a place where I am expected to excel in every way, but why do I get treated differently everyday?"

Straight, Bisexual or Gay? The things I hear these people say. 

Just want to be able to do my best, not pushed to the point where words start to hurt my chest.

Being different is'nt bad, now the way unique people are abused. that's sad.

Within the four walls of where "our" future beings. This place really needs to be cleansed. 

Student 2

The poorly treated go home, wishing for a private dome and just want to be left alone. Constantly think that the slurs are true. Over and over all they hear is "everyone hates you."

Through all the emotionless comments, there is always a heart felt compliment. There is no need to permantley close the curtains. Stay your own person, that's all thats important, that Im certain.


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